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We really don't have the time for submission messages. We created this system to be able to receive all the music that people is eager to share, so it's easier for both of us. We know that press notes are important to you, that you want us to know a lot about your band, but we don't have time to read every one we receive, sorry Thanks for your submission! Your song will be listened, sorted and, with luck, playlisted! Remember we don't give feedback about placements or compromise in timings. You don't need to send the same song to another form - it's in our database now. When we listen to our submissions, we playlist them in any playlist that [ Thanks for your submission! We'll be creating a Patreon post for supporters with the best / supported songs for this month. Be updated on the other actions that we do through our Patreon and Facebook feed. FAQ of how this submit system works. Hug indiemono is quite a recent project, built up altogether with a bunch of monkeys with a really personal view, so we don't really share an corporation way-of-doing, we give value and judge everything according to the quality, the hard work and the ability to make people happy Thanks for your submission! We'll be checking the songs during this month. If there's some way we can work with the song right now, we'll let you know. If there's no response is because we can't; maybe because we don't have slots, a partner to work the song with or it's not a match for [

Thanks for your submission! We'll be creating a Patreon post for supporters with the best / supported songs for this month. Be updated on the other actions that we do through our Patreon and Facebook feed. FAQ of how this submit system works How to submit music to Indiemono playlists: Go to Indiemono's Music Submit; Choose the appropriate genre box; Follow some playlists, artists and Indiemono; Fill in the form; You can also see if you have submitted correctly by going to their automatically updated submission playlists. Kolibri Music. An independent curator focusing on ALL kinds.

Indiemono is a network formed by streaming services' curators and representatives, major labels from different countries, indie labels, and independent curators that want to share good music. Submit your music to their playlists using the link below GIRL GANG MUSIC IS A CURATED COMMUNITY AND NETWORK OF WOMEN AND NONBINARY HUMANS WITHIN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. WE ARE SONGWRITERS, ARTISTS, PRODUCERS, JOURNALISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, MANAGERS, AGENTS, INSTRUMENTALISTS, AND INNOVATORS WITHIN THE INDUSTRY. Girl Gang Music's mission is to promote female inclusion in all aspects of the industry, to celebrate women who are already thriving in music, and.

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Submit the song you want to push, our A&R team will review your submission and get back to you within 24 hours. Set up a campaign . or read the FAQ. We are PlaylistPush. We help independent artists get their music heard and give playlist curators a way to discover new music. For Artists Indiemono for Patreons. Menu. Submit Music; Patreon; Members; Login; Close Menu. Submit Music. Patreon. Members. Login. Patreon Submit. By becoming a patron you'll have access to this exclusive submit system. Read the FAQ of this system here before joining Patreon Indiemono. Indiemono is a major playlist curator/music blogging site that offers both free submissions as well as a special paid submission service for their Patreon supporters. Submissions are handled through their website, which is very nicely designed and offers a clear and easy way to get your music submitted

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  1. Type of Music: Alternative/Indie, Electro, En Espanol, Folk, Latin, Oldies, Pop, Rock, Urban About: Indiemono is a blog and playlist submission site that supports music from various genres.Each genre is further broken down into playlists based on moods. This is great because it allows you to find a playlist that your music would fit perfectly into
  2. utes and listen to a few songs on the playlist to get the vibe
  3. Summary. Spotify is hot right now. So hot that fake playlisters are making a business out of selling placement on their playlists. I've fallen for the trap and some of these playlisters have managed to get onto SubmitHub (and been kicked off)
  4. Indiemono has music discovery as a main factor - plus bananas. The rest of our charm comes from believing things can be done in a different way. a music submission system for us to sort, review and feed playlists with those songs and the editorial power to display and show all of it through our site
  5. Playlist submission tools are a way of submitting your track once and having it pitched for consideration to multiple different playlists Neon Collective, Soundplate and Indiemono. For a more detailed overview of these tools and services check out our guide on music promotion tools. The Best Spotify Playlists to Submit to. As well as using.

Submission link: bit.ly/2zOx4UR Submitting Your Tracks to A Spotify Playlist Curator The steps to submitting your tracks to a Spotify playlist curator can and will vary depending on which curators you reach out to ⭐⭐ Submission Results · Alternative 2019 ⭐⭐ Break Away - The End of America Run - eur(elle) A House by The Sea - The Heart and The Void Half-Hearted..

Indiemono, a user on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy [EDIT: Submissions are closed. We'll publish a list with the best ones early next week!] 3 DAY SUBMIT on Facebook for Alternative 2019 We're opening a quick submit hole for you to drop the best.. Artist Intelligence Agency Artist Intelligence Agency's Music Submission Portal makes a smooth and easy submission process, where you'll get real-time feedback directly from the A&R team. Submission link: https://portal.artistintelligence.agency/ 7 De senaste tweetarna från @Indiemono By Indiemono. Brilliant Hip Hop artists we've discovered via our submission system. Explicit, streets, riot..Click here to understand more about 'Music Discovery' and Indiemono. 66 songs. Play on Spotif

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Submission link: play.soundplate.com IndieMono Indiemono is a great Spotify playlist network. They love connecting with new artists, so if your music has great sound quality and less than 1k streams you're more likely to be placed. All they require is for you to follow the playlists to release the submission forms Best playlist: Sad Song Submission link: play.soundplate.com Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team. In addition they have a new submission system which lets you submit music to a bunch of other playlists Indiemono. Although each curator caters to a vast range of sounds and genres, each will have their own sound. Arguably the largest free Spotify curator on the net, Indiemono predominantly targets downtempo/acoustic/chillout music, with their largest playlist; 'Sad Songs', boasting more than 373,000 followers Indiemono Various Genres: Large community of playlisters. Works on the model of following playlists be able to submit to playlists. Submission statement: Submit music to Indiemono playlists. It's free, easy and you can send music anytime Home » MUSIC » 20 Submitted New Playlists Are Now On Indiemono. 20 Submitted New Playlists Are Now On Indiemono. 20 Submitted New Playlists Are Now On Indiemono. 24th October 2017 Dam. with no need for extra work for you in checking hundreds of submission forms, but through our category list

Spotify Playlists have become the new way that music lovers find and discover new music, and getting your track featured on a heavily followed Spotify playlist can potentially bring you hundreds o How do you send a song to a radio station? To get your song played on the radio, either you or your radio promotion company approaches program directors/music directors at radio stations For most artists, learning on how to promote your music online will primarily help you focus your efforts on the most popular platforms. Making great music has never been easier before and many promising new artists try to figure out the next big step, creating and maintaining a successful music promotional campaign

10. Demo Submission Checklist. Send bulk emails to multiple record label contacts. Send a demo through social media messages. Tell the A&R that your demo is a work in progress. Send unfinished tracks, remixes, or mashups. Send tracks with copyrighted material. Attach MP3, WAV or other files to emails unless it's preferred - Indiemono - Daily Playlists . these are a few and they're all linked to their user profiles on Spotify for you the easily find them. Take the time viewing and listening to their taste and try your luck with them! Let me know if there's anything else i can do to help, GOOD LUCK Want To Submit Music to More User-Generated Playlists? There are new playlists being added to Soundplate every day. Click here to discover the full list of Spotify playlists you can submit music to.. Submit music to hundreds of Spotify curators for free with Soundplate Here is a link to Indiemono playlist browser. Biggest playlist: Sad Songs (370,000 followers) Total playlist followers: 1.1 million 2. Soundplate Soundplate has a great selection of playlists curated by their team for pretty much all genres. I really liked their submission process it just was hard to find the playlist browser for the site

Top Spotify playlist curators you need to send your music

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IndieMono With a vast collection of playlists spanning all genres of music, their output has become ubiquitous, shedding a spotlight on artists both established and underground. The good news about IndieMono is that they allow musicians to submit their own music to be added to playlists, whether you're a young buck just starting out or a seasoned professional Toggle navigation HOME; Submit; Playlist Analyzer; Track Analyzer; MUSIC SMART LINKS; Cover Generato Indiemono - A simple submission platform to directly send your music to indiemono's curators roster. The playlist range heavily in follower numbers but unlike some services it's completely free. All you need to do is to follow the playlist you submit your music to

How to submit music to Spotify Playlists for free? 11

Spotify Playlist Submission Spotify playlists are a great way to be discovered, and these days it is more likely a track will be discovered on a Spotify playlist than the Radio. Playlists have some huge benefits for us, because it allows us to push our music to a more targeted audience INDIEMONO offer their playlist consideration for free, but due to the volume of submissions you won't get any feedback if your track wasn't seen as a fit for any of their playlists. However, that is also true to other playlist submission tools mentioned here

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Following the release of his debut full-length album Sonder Son, vocalis PR Campaigns with a real audience Use a system that doesn't use streaming farms with robots. Get your music in healthy playlists where potential fans will listen. Send up the songs you're willing to promote. We accept unreleased music too! We'll discuss your music and we'll give yo [accordions][accordion title=Indiemono Playlists and Music Release] Some tools to be included in our Spotify playlists or use our network to be involved in the music industry. NOTE: We're building parts of this section, so please come back soon or be updated with us through Facebook or Patreon

On that note - we're going to take a look at some of the popular music submission sites and services to see if they're worth their (and your) salt. Music Submission and Promotion Services Review On that note - welcome to the core part of our article, where your answers on how to submit music to blogs, to YouTube channels and even digital distribution services will be enlightened Free Spotify Playlist Submissions list last updated Jan 2021 for Hip-Hop artists looking to submit to Spotify Curators and get more streams

Indiemono. Indiemono is perfect for new and independent artists who want their music included in the Spotify playlist. The site is on the lookout for fresh but talented artists and bands, who can deliver what listeners, are asking for. Submit your music or playlists to the site or to Indie curators, and discover new songs or playlists yourself Side note: Streams on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music pays the artist a streaming fee.Getting more plays for your songs creates a revenue stream for you. Getting on more playlist can increase your streams. This database specifically comes in Excel format and features 100's of contact details (submission e-mails, links to Google submission forms, links to contact forms) from some of the most.

Free Submit Spotify and Soundcloud Songs and Albums Links. Enter a user name. Add a link to your Website, Channel or Social Profile. Give your song or album submission a unique title in English that consists 5-10 keywords.Example: Song / Album Name - Music Genre or Category (Folk Music) - Artist/Band Name Locating contact information and completing a pitch to a playlist curator can be incredibly difficult for some artists. Lucky for you, we have compiled all of the information we have on the subject in this article. Check out our latest article Spotify Playlist Submissions To Curators: The Complete Guide Check out Cyber PR's article on best practices for Spotify Playlist Submission, and another great article in Rolling Stone Magazine! Engage your fan base before release! Everything you do can be a step towards what all artists are after. To break through the noise. And it is possible

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Submission link: https://portal.artistintelligence.agency/ Artist Intelligence Agency's Music Submission Portal makes a smooth and easy submission process, where you'll get real-time feedback directly from the A&R team Music Podcast The Firegod Made by Danger Podcast The Firegod Made by Dange

25 Dec 2020 Sad Songs 2021 Playlist - Top Depressing Songs 2021 By Redlist Playlists. It is the second single and final song on her 21 album. You can browse my suggestions or check out my Spotify playlist below. has produced plenty of songs about death free submission via Indiemono hip hop playlists Set Some lists, such as Indiemono, have their own, free submission platforms. Independent list owners tend to connect their Spotify accounts with Facebook, so it shouldn't be hard to find them. Tips for contacting Spotify playlist curators: Approach only the curators that are likely to be interested in your style/genre Est. 1997. Curated content of non stop Hip-Hop music, videos and new Spotify Free Playlist Submission Hip Hop; Spotify Playlist Feature. Find the Spotify playlist promotion package that's right for you. Reach thousands of new fans through our free promotion! Try our free app! SoundGrail is a free music theory app for pianists, guitarists and DJs. Learn chords, scales, key signatures, and more

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  1. It also has a presence on Deezer, YouTube and Apple Music. Indiemono uses its own free music submission tool, as well as a quick submit for those who support it on Patreon. It also runs a digital label and curation service. Colors LINK Biggest playlist: Colors - All Shows 171,489 follower
  2. Certain measures can be put in place to limit harassment by labels. If your objective is just to do as Carlos from Indiemono, make music submissions free: We made our statements about payola, and our free music submission system is also a response to that, so it makes no sense for people to ask for paid positioning.. When you reach this stage, you are essentially doing the job of an A&R.
  3. Spoti.fly, unlike Indiemono or Soundplate, takes the hard leg work out of the submission process. Essentially, you pay them to pitch your music to their database of Spotify curators. They have access to independent curators as well as Spotify Editorial staff which is a huge plus if you really want to make some waves
  4. Submit for playlisting. Expand your Audience. Make yourself heard
  5. What marketing strategies does Indiemono use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Indiemono
  6. Some are known as independent Spotify playlist curators who aren't paid by the company to review tracks that are submitted to top playlists. Spotify Playlist Submissions That are Free. While there are some cases where you'll be asked to pay for a Spotify playlist submission price per track, there are independent Spotify playlist curators

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  1. Playlist Name: Feeling Sheepish Curator Mr. Suicide Sheep Genre EDM / Indie / Alt / Pop Description On this channel you will find a wide variety of different electronic and somet
  2. Want to grow your Spotify fan base? Submit music to our Spotify playlists for free by using the 'regular' option 3 below. If you want to skip the submission queue, choose option 2 (engagement) or 1 (donation)*. You can also submit your track to our (new) monthly(ish) YouTube compilations. For review consideration click the third button and if you want to buy us a coffee (or beer), click here
  3. For artists releasing their music in 2019, Spotify promotion is one of the key elements to success in your music career. In this guide, we tell you exactly how to get your music on to popular Spotify playlists, begin generating streams and being added to Discover Weekly's. Think about your last favourite song you discovered, did you [
  4. Indiemono. Indiemono is one of the first Spotify's independent curators and comes from Spain. With over 100,000 subscribers spread across multiple playlists. Additionally, they have a new submission system that allows you to upload music to other playlists and discover new sounds
  5. 3. Indiemono. Another free service, Indiemono's submission is a bit more complicated than DP's, but it is still convenient enough. 4. Submithub. They have free and paid versions of submission, but their influencers cover more than just Spotify
  6. Indiemono - Some of Indiemono's playlists have over 300,000 followers. It's free to submit your music, These playlist submission websites are not the only way to get featured on Spotify playlists, and they aren't the best way, either. Since they get so many submissions,.
  7. g I released a song today (Spicy by Alex Kautz) and am submitting for playlist consideration through indiemono, sound plate, and daily playlists

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  1. Indiemono focuses on Spotify Playlists and the discovery of new musical talent, indie bands, and artists. A great place to find new music and hear some amazing new acts. So they have a really cooly submission portal that makes submitting your music a breeze
  2. Music Submission Systems. The first thing I would recommend is sending your music to playlists through websites that accept free submissions. This website is one of them (just go the playlists page), and there are a few others, as I explain on this page. Daily Playlists, Submithub.com and IndieMono can also help you with that. Reddit promotio
  3. IndieMono is another. But in general, if the top 5 discovered on playlists include a handful of lists from the same curator (who isn't Spotify), those placements were likely purchased. And if a lot of the testimonial artists all have those same curators in the top 5, you know some wankery is afoot
  4. Spotify Playlist Submission. Spotify playlists are a great way to be discovered, and these days it is more likely a track will be discovered on a Spotify playlist than the Radio. Playlists have some huge benefits for us, because it allows us to push our music to a more targeted audience
  5. g music service has officially opened its playlist submissions to all musicians. An up-and-comer now has a real chance of reaching a playlist editor and having their new song stream to millions of people
  6. Playlists are now a MUST for every musician who wants to promote his or her music. Getting your music on to a curator's playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer can make your fanbase and income grow significantly.. Even if most of the biggest playlists are controlled by the editorial teams of each platform, there are still plenty of opportunities for unsigned and talented artists to be.

FREE Playlist Submission Platforms Welcome to Blog Post #7 I've been getting a lot of questions about how to submit your music to playlists, so today's post will share with you my top submission platforms that I use every day IndieMono — a website with their own set of playlists, created and curated by them. Pros: free, lots of genres, and 3 credits per submission depending on the curator),. Their music submission portal can help you get your music in the hands of the right people in a smooth and easy way. They also offer a ton of analytics tools which makes them a desirable service for curators. 2. Indiemono. Indiemono offers a free and easy way to submit music to their playlists

10 Free Submission Sites To Get on Spotify Playlist

Indiemono: One of the largest independent playlist curators on Spotify, although they feature on other streaming services. Submission is free, however, they do not give feedback because of the large number of tracks they receive. They have many playlists covering all the genres, so. diy music jesse February 22, 2020 spotify, spotify artist, spotify for artists, submithub, indiemono, toneden, free submission, spotify playlist, spotify playlist submission, spotify collaborative playlist, spotify playlist curators, collaborative playlist spotify, daily playlist Spotify playlists submission: follow the instructions in order to submit your music to Jouzik playlists. Free Spotify Soundcloud Playlist Submission Enter a user name. Add a link to your Website, Channel or Social Profile. Give your playlist submission a unique title in English that consists 5-10 keywords. Example: Playlist Name - Music Free Spotify Playlist Submission Hip Hop 12/17/2020 Daily Playlists features a huge amount of playlists you can submit to, they also have their own curated playlists for Rock, Hip Hop, Indie and Electronic Today explaining how to get millions of plays on spotify by using playlists. Music ⇢ https://axs.fanlink.to/Spotify Subscribe: https://jonsine.fanlink.to/..

Spotify artist playlist submission. Here's the process you need to follow to get your music considered for official spotify playlists: Last month we managed to get artists over 16 million streams on all platforms combined) playlist spots are 4 week spots!! Some lists, such as indiemono, have their own, free submission platforms Indiemono. Soundplate. Daily Playlists. Artist Intelligence Agency. Labels; There are a ton of amazing labels out there. Like playlists the bigger ones are very hard to get onto, i'm talking about labels like Spinnin, Defected, Monstercat etc. These big labels operate very professionally as business enterprises IndieMono With an enormous assortment of playlists spanning all genres of music, their output has change into ubiquitous, shedding a highlight on artists each established and underground. The excellent news about IndieMono is that they permit musicians to submit their very own music to be added to playlists, whether or not you're a younger buck simply beginning out or a seasoned skilled Indiemono is one of the first independent curators on Spotify. There are new Spotify playlists you can submit music to being added daily! No, you cannot do this by spamming them constantly. Top 15 Spotify Playlist Curators for Free Submission There is free Spotify playlist submission through the official website of Tunemunk. Ch340g driver mac os x. The specific playlist where you want the song to be placed and featured should be liked by your profile for the submission to be eligible

Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities. They love breaking. Free Spotify Promotion Service Promote your music today! OUT NOW SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS. Submit your music to be featured on OUT NOW PLAYLISTS. Send Your Music. Spotify Playlist Submission. Spotify playlists are a great way to be discovered,. Some Submithub alternatives are Groover, Playlist Push, Indiemono, Soundplate to buy organic spotify plays Find Twicht users who play your music in the background or ad your music to their playlists Collaborate with other artists and get more followers. You can also increase your reach by remixing more popular artists

Best Spotify Playlists [5 PlaylistsYou Can Submit To

So is Mr Suicide Sheep is, Indiemono, Rap nation, and hundreds of others. There's only one tiny problem: It's overwhelming to find their contact details. get a list of 300+ collaborative Spotify playlists that you can instantly add your music to without going through a submission process indiemono May 23, 2016 . Unfortunately, I just went to your page and the only submission link I saw possible was to submit a link to a band's spotify uploads. Carl May 23, 2016 Hey there, First of all congrats on your release ! I don't think you'll have a problem with debut. What i'd suggest doing is finding out some independent curators (there are several great ones) and using their submission gates to try and catch their attention as they have loads of followers and li.. Playlists such as Indiemono and Songpickr have submission platforms as well as Facebook pages and email addresses where you can email the curators to consider your track. You can find these by searching Spotify and finding any playlist which isn't curated by Spotify or a person's name Indiemono. One of the early independent Spotify curators. From Spain with lovely graphic design and beautiful artwork. Followers: Several playlists with more than 100 000 followers. You can also see if you have submitted correctly by going to their automatically updated submission playlists

The Rise of Fake Spotify Playlists :: Indie Shuffl

As a playlist curator (of the ones pictured above), I've come across several different types of independent artists, and I want you to be better in 2018. 3. Ones who think Twitter spamming. Learn what SoundExchange is and what it can do for the independent musician Free Spotify Playlist Submission. Looking to get playlisted as an artist? Well, you've come to the right place! Each week, we update our 'Weekly Unsigned Playlist' with submissions from new bands and artists we love Happy Vibes 2021 ☆ no one's gonna fuck up today's good mood ☆ By Indiemono. Really, you don't need an excuse to be happy, but here is one: a kitten was born in the world JUST NOW

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