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Jesuit faction. This faction was very powerful until early 1800s when the Rothschild faction took over. About 10% of Jesuits belong to this faction, among with some cardinals, black pope (Adolfo Nicolas), white pope (Joseph Ratzinger) and black nobility families of Italy

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube According to Eustis, the Skull and Bones (or Brotherhood of Death) is nothing more than a political assassination hit team against those United States politicians who do not fall in line with the House of Rothschild's plans for a blood elitist domination and control over the world's economyFor example, Caleb Cushing was involved in the arsenic poisoning deaths of United States presidents William Henry Harrison on April 4, 1841, and Zachary Taylor on July 9, 1850 UNTERSTÜTZE G.U.N.-Media Über Amazon: http://amzn.to/2AiNQMw Paypal: http://paypal.me/endtimeplayer Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/globalundergroundnews Be..

The House of Rothschild is really at the top of the pyramid of power. They are behind the New World Order and the complete domination of the world agenda. They are behind the European Union and the Euro and they are behind the idea of a North American Union and the Amero This video should hopefully explain the power structure with sufficient detail to completely eradicate and forever expunge the daft notion that the Rothschil.. The Act Of 1871 Gave Jesuit Rothschild Control Of The USA. January 16, 2021. August 12, 2020 by David. This Revelation Timeline Decoded post features a video called 'The Most IMPORTANT History Lesson Americans Were Never Taught.'. This video is about the most pivotal year in American history: 1871, and how a piece of legislation from that year.

The Rothschild dynasty Guardians of the Vatican Treasury The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that: It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure HELP Support BibleOrTraditions as we move our videos to a new site. It is frustrating to see videos taken off line because they are considered hate speechP.. Der IWF wiederrum arbeitet direkt mit der FED und der ungedeckten PAPIER-Leit-Währung US-Dollar zusammen. Und IWF, FED, WHO, UNO, WELTBANK und all anderen befinden sich unter Kontrolle der Jesuiten Rothschild, Morgan, Goldman etc, die wiederrum die Zionisten steuern. Und die Jesuiten unterstehen dem italienischen Schwarzadel The Rothschild Dynasty is Jesuit created The Rothschilds are Jesuits--The Rothschild dynasty Guardians of the Vatican Treasury--The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that:It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.If this latter statement is true The Illuminati absorbed the Jewish House of Rothschild creating a colossus of wealth around the world, subject to the Jesuit General. With this financial arm in place the Jesuits then made war on the Vatican including the Pope, the Roman Catholic Monarchs of Europe and the Order of the Dominicans

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The Jesuit Vatican New World Orde

Jesuiten - Zionismus - NWO - Rothschild - Bilderberger

This would actually be known as the Deep State, or Cabal, nowdays (Rothschild illuminati). I think the real Illuminati are known as the Gnostic Illuminati and seem to be more of a positive force nowprehaps due to their hatred of the Cabal or maybe they were actually the good guys all along (going back to ancient Egypt and Atlantis) Evelyn de Rothschild's Grandfather Leopold de Rothschild was invested as a Commander, Royal Victorian Order (C.V.O.) in 1902. Leopold's brother Sir Nathan Mayer Rothschild, the Great Grandfather of Lord Jacob Rothschild, was invested as a Knight Grand Cross, Royal Victorian Order (G.C.V.O.), also in 1902 1) Excommunicated Jews and the Jesuit Deep State: Part VIII: From the Rothschilds to the Bad Jesuits -> believe it or not we are finally going to talk about the Jesuits.2) Background.dann

Early life. Adam Weishaupt was born on 6 February 1748 in Ingolstadt in the Electorate of Bavaria.Weishaupt's father Johann Georg Weishaupt (1717-1753) died when Adam was five years old. After his father's death he came under the tutelage of his godfather Johann Adam Freiherr von Ickstatt who, like his father, was a professor of law at the University of Ingolstadt The Rothschild's Global Crime Syndicate and How It Works Rothschild's Crime Construct 1 The Rothschilds are headquartered in the Babylon-BIS-Tower in Basel Debt is their control Mechanism Their power goes far beyond the Banking Empir

The Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents

Jesuiten/Rothschild Gnadenstoss für die Welt II. Die schockierende Wahrheit über den Zionisten- Terrorstaat Israel nur die Wahrheit; Russell Brand nennt die Queen mit ihrem richtigen Namen und die Medien spielen Verrückt! Amazon gibt zu - Rothschilds sind Mörder; Eliten, Rothschild, Psychopathen und Angela Merkel (Video Jesuit and Jewish Rothschild agent Colonel Edward Mandell House was the driving force behind the Federal Reserve coup d'etat in 1913, behind the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921 - and behind Pres. Woodrow Wilson's decision to enter WWI - as well as Wilson's chief negotiator at the Versailles Peace Negotiations NWO Agenda, The 1776 AGENDA of the New World Order - ordered by a Rothschild - designed by a Jesuit Print Email This history of the New World Order is beautifully made and laid out - besides being very comprehensible and getting to the salient points Lynn de Rothschild has been cited by QAnon as a prominent Satanist with deep ties to Epstein, Maxwell, the Clinton family and other members of the global elite. At this point, we need to consider how a global sex trade in minors and SRA are connected to Secret Space Programs and the existence of extraterrestrial life Frankist, Jesuit, Rothschild methods = I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the EmpireThe man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply. — Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1777-1836

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Few people realize that the Rothschild Dynasty, the richest family on earth, is the guardian of the Vatican Treasury which includes the Imperial Treasury of Rome. And though they themselves are believed to be Jewish, are in actuality Jesuit-controlled. The Red Shield used by the Papacy armies became symbolic of the victorious Church Merkel, May und Grybauskaitė in der Rothschild-Kaderschmiede? (Faktencheck) Videos. Aktuelles Wegen Impfkampagne: Günther Jauch wird beschimpft und bedroht. Tom Wannenmacher-22. April 2021 0. Günther Jauch wirbt für die Corona-Impfkampagne. Den TV-Moderator erreichen deswegen zahlreiche Hassbotschaften

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The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus - the Roman Catholic religious order which is also known as the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General.The position sometimes carries the nickname of the Black Pope, because of his responsibility for the largest Catholic, male religious order and is contrasted to the white. Jesuit college in Vienna (1553-1767), now seat of the Ordinariate for Byzantine-rite Catholics in Austria and Saint Barbara Church []; precursor to the Akademisches Gymnasium; Professed house in Vienna (1554-1773 and 1814-1852), now Park Hyatt hotel and Church am Hof []; Jesuit college in Innsbruck (1562-1773 and 1839-1848), now Akademisches Gymnasium and Church of the Jesuits [ New discoveries filed in the U.S. District Court of Middle Florida against COVID-19 vaccine makers, advertisers, and distributors by a Harvard-trained public health expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, reveal an enterprise secreting critical information about the actual activities of Harvard's indicted nano-chemistry professor, Charles Lieber, his connections to the alleged plandemic, and. Eliten, Rothschild, Psychopathen und Angela Merkel (Video) Wie Rockefellers Erdölindustrie die Medizin, die Finanzen und die Landwirtschaft eroberte; Geheimgesellschaften. Jesuiten, Freimaurer und Illuminaten: Eine (un)heilige Allianz zur Etablierung der Neuen Weltordnung (Video) Werner Altnickel: 36 geheime Ur-Logen regieren die Welt Obscure History of The Catholic Jesuit Order. Their Motto: Ad maiorem Dei gloriam Meaning, For the greater glory of God = 322 (Francis Bacon) The Society of Jesus is a religious order of the Catholic Church headquartered in Rome. It was founded by Ignatius of Loyola and six companions with the approval of Pope Paul III in 1540

George Soros (Rothschild / Jesuit / Vatican Agent) Owns Company that will Count America's Votes in November.. Anzunehmen, daß bspw. NSU ein Konstrukt des tiefen Staats ist, hat weder mit Jesuiten noch mit dem Papst zu tun, auch mit Juden nicht. Zweifel an Hergang und Grund für Kennedymord oder 9/11 kommen auch ganz ohne die Juden oder die Jesuiten aus. Allenfalls sind einige Protagonisten Juden oder Jesuiten (oder gar Nachfahren Jesu) LaRouche is a Jesuit with close ties to the South African Nationalist Apartheid government, who through the Roman Catholic Church and their world wide intelligence helped the Apartheid Regime track down Mandela and put him in goal for 25 years. LaRouche's father was a Jesuit who infiltrated the Quakers until they found him out and threw him out

Rothschild - Jesuit Controlled Knights/Bankers of the

9) Rothschild ist den Knights of Malta untergeben, aber der General der Jesuiten regiert die Bankendynastie (FED..) 10) Der General der Jesuiten ist der mächtigste Mann der Welt. (Er ist der Schwarze Papst) 11) 1776 wurden die Jesuiten zu den Illuminaten, weil sie 1773 vom Vatikan verboten wurden Jesuit-Illuminati Linkages Let me conclude with the connection of the Jesuits and the Illuminati with Joe Biden's nomination and personal accompaniment of Mike Bloomberg to his knighting by the Queen of England into the royal order of the Knights of the British Empire (KBE), as discussed in my in-depth article on Bloomie, which apparently has been censored by the CIA, British intel and the.

» Wer ist Emmanuel Macron? - Berlin – AthenOkkulte-NaZis: Stalin wurde von Jesuiten ausgebildet!

Secret Societies: The Rothschild Dynasty is Jesuit - The

Jesuiten/Rothschild Gnadenstoss für die Welt II. Wir wollen Europäer zerstören, neues europäisches Volk, das Leiden, Armut, china-niedrige Löhne akzeptiert, schaffen Montag, Feb 24 2014 UNCATEGORIZED haunebu7 08:0 Peabody was a business associate of the Rothschilds. In 1952 Fed researcher Eustace Mullins put forth the supposition that the Morgans were nothing more than Rothschild agents. Mullins wrote that the Rothschilds, preferred to operate anonymously in the US behind the facade of J.P. Morgan & Company The Jesuit setup their IRS, which was never ratified by all of the states; to collect interest on their Federal Reserve Notes. The Jesuits use the Rothschild's, Rockefellers, etc; to steal the wealth of Americans via the Federal Reserve Bank, money printing and inflation; through fractional reserve lending; through stock market manipulation, etc Translations in context of im Auftrag der Jesuiten in German-English from Reverso Context: Erster grosser, sakraler Barockbau in der Schweiz. Errichtet um 1666 durch Pater Christoph Vogler im Auftrag der Jesuiten

Die Jesuiten wurden offiziell von Papst Paul III im Jahr 1540 gegründet. Ignatius LIEola wurde ihr erster General. Don Francis Borgia war der Urenkel von Papst Alexander VI und Mitbegründer der Jesuiten. Von seiner Mutters Seite stammte er von König Ferdinand von Aragon ab. Die Spanier kontrollierten den Vatikan durch die Jesuiten Discover Old Paths Baptist Church Jesuit Pope & Masonic Rothschild, Rockefeller Bank Cartel Unite. Jesuit Pope & Masonic Rothschild, Rockefeller Bank Cartel Unite. Update: 2020-12-15. Share. Description -The Jesuit setup their IRS, which was never ratified by all of the states; to collect interest on their Federal Reserve Notes. -The Jesuits use the Rothschild's, Rockefellers, etc; to steal the wealth of Americans via the Federal Reserve Bank, money printing and inflation; through fractional reserve lending; through stock market manipulation, etc

Alexander Hamilton was a bastard Rothschild, under the firm control of the Jesuits. The others took orders from various Jesuits, including the former Black Pope, Lorenzo Ricci, who faked his own death in Rome and fled to America. He and his Jesuit priests wrote the narrative in the background Rothschild's 25 Point Plan For World Domination In 1770, Mayer Amschel Rothschild married Gutta Schnapper. In that same year, he retained Jewish-born, Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Jesuit-trained professor of canon law, to revise and modernize Illuminism, the worship of Satan, with the objective of world domination and the imposition of the Luciferian ideology upon what would remain of.

Warner Bros. Pictures is a Rothschild Masonic Propaganda Machine The Truther Network shows in this video presentation that Warner Bros. Pictures = 322 (Francis Bacon), a Rothschild Masonic propaganda machine for predictive programming and their Masonic Rituals A Rothschild and a Rockefeller. There is a belief that certain billionaire capitalists started the two World Wars in order to weaken certain rival powers and strengthen their own Empire. In December 1942, Heinrich Mueller, Chief of the Gestapo, uncovered the names of the British members of a Cabal who were said to be spies and informants for some sort of Kosher Nostra or Deep State JESUIT OATH (1843) (from US Congressional record) SAKKAI 1500's - Berkeley's sister city, Rothschild/Jesuit headquarters/nucs. UCB surveillance - Jesuit network: Japan, Myanmar/Malaysia. Overview: Crusades - banking, private armies, Silk Road, Freemasons, perversion; Portuguese explorers - Magellan and Vasco Da Gama led to merchant trade in Asi The Elite such as the Rothschild, are in service to the Anti-Christ, the Jesuit Order who is in final intent to completely control and have your world enslaved and all involved will continually tell you over the airwaves, etc., that they were right on schedule Peabody was a business associate of the Rothschilds. In 1952 Fed researcher Eustace Mullins put forth the supposition that the Morgans were nothing more than Rothschild agents. Mullins wrote that the Rothschilds, preferred to operate anonymously in the US behind the facade of J.P. Morgan & Company

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The Act Of 1871 Gave Jesuit Rothschild Control Of The USA

  1. Darkness Is Falling - The Jesuit World Power Hierarchy. 143 Famous Freemasons of the 33rd Degree - Past and Present ** This is not an exhaustive list but serves as a guide to the men who filled elite positions in the upper echelons of Satan's wicked Luciferian hierarchy and helped build the Jesuit Vatican New World Order Beast One World Government that is now enslaving all mankind
  2. Der Finanzier der Jesuiten war der Bankier Rothschild. Wer Geld hat, ist natürlich bei der römisch-katholischen Kirche immer willkommen und so wurde die Jesuiten im Jahre 1814 von Papst Pius VII wieder zugelassen und Rothschild ist heute sogar laut jüdischem Weltalmanach der Guardian of the Vatican Treasury
  3. The Rothschild banking house in Frankfurt, Germany, M. A. von Rothschild und Söhne, closes as there is no male Rothschild heir to take it on. 1902: Philippe de Rothschild born. 1905: A group of Rothschild backed Zionist Jews led by Georgi Apollonovich Gapon attempt to overthrow the Tsar in Russia in a Communist Coup
  4. Adolf (Rothschild) Hitler (1889-1945). Dictator of Germany from 1933 to 1945 : Alois (Rothschild Mein Kampf was ghost-written by a Jesuit priest named Father Staempfle. 1 Hitler the dunce was the tool of much more cunning men.. . Hitler.

The Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties always have a prevalent role in Illuminati conspiracy theories, sometimes as direct rivals, sometimes as partners in the enslavement of mankind. The Illuminati is especially active in the music industry. Popular anti-Jesuit authors include Myron Fagan and Eric Jon Phelps. Missed By All! 90% Team Trump=Jesuit-schooled Vatican Agents=Only 10% Zionist Jews (Adelson, Rothschild Investments=Rothschild guardian of Vatican treasury & more who mostly financed Trump candidacy, or bailed him out of bankruptcy,. Both the Jesuits and the Zionists are in bed with the Rothschild banking empire. Samuel Untermeyer, Scofield's supporter, was a participant in the drafting of the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913, and was an avid supporter of Woodrow Wilson's presidential campaign. Wilson's silent partner was Colonel Edward M. House Dark Occult Rothschilds have been the drivers of ultra-Zionism and much of the Hidden Hand structure and it is hardly a shock that satanic occultist Jacob Frank and his Sabbatian-Frankism formed an alliance in 1773 with Mayer Amstel Rothschild and the Jesuit-educated Jew, Adam Weishaupt, who later became (in public) a Protestant

Weshalb Rothschild , der mit den Jesuiten durch die Gründung der Illuminaten im Jahre 1776 eigentlich verbündet war, dann aber letztlich Wellington und nicht Napoleon zum Sieg bei Waterloo im Jahre 1815 verhalf, läßt sich erahnen, wenn man bedenkt, welchen finanziellen Vorteil Rothschild aus dem Sieg Napoleons zog Somewhere, behind deception's inexhaustible veils hides the truth. No matter how inexhaustible or numerous, we shall now tear those veils to utter shreds. The following shall expose the man to whom is credited the creation of Facebook. Breathtaking in its sheer scale as well as its social, cultural, and even political influence, the creation o Entitlement Slavery, Rothschild-Jesuit connection. In this episode we research a wide section of obscured historical realities which come into conjunction to illuminate the motives and ambitions of the provocateurs which remain safely hidden from American text books Beide sind sie nur Marionetten der Jesuiten/Rothschild-Puppenspieler. Putin ist Royal Arch Freimaurer und wurde mit der MI5 und MI6 in Israel und London ausgebildet. Obama ist auch Freimaurer. Putin ist besonders gefährlich 1. Weil er vorgibt, ein Christ zu sein und von der Russisch Orthodoxen Kirche als fast messianisc

In spite of the historical writings of the Jesuit Abbe Barruel, who blamed the Rothschild's and Freemasonry for the Revolution, it was the Society of Jesus that used these very tools to carry out the Revolution and punish the monarchs who dared to expel the Jesuits from their dominions the hidden elite, satanic sabbatean frankist rothschilds, vatican bank, czar, russia, stalin, marx, hitler, mao, gallipoli, attaturk the consciously created satanic cults which manage the world through the ten thousand year mind control technology of hypnotism, drugs, and torture.. how satanic lord bertrand russell became an evil man satanism, ritual sex and human sacrifice, bloodlines. The order was operative across Europe until 1784, when a messenger en route from Frankfurt am Main (where the Rothschild's shop was located) to Paris was struck by a lightning. On the dead body, the authorities discovered a piece of paper written by Weishaupt himself, and titled The Original Shift in Days of Illumination

Because some of these bloodlines are genetically intertwined, the Rothschild Bloodline also has members who belong to this 13th Bloodline. British Royalty are tied to this bloodline as are many American political leaders (e.g. George Washington, John F. Kennedy, George Bush, Dan Quayle, Bill Clinton) ( 52 )( 53 )( 54 ) Die Jesuiten mussten zunächst in den Untergrund gehen, wurden aber im Jahre 1814 wieder vom Vatikan zugelassen, denn zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatten sie den Finanzier Rothschild im Schlepptau oder anders ausgedrückt: Rothschild hatte die Jesuiten im Schlepptau. Ich vermag bis zum heutigen Tag nicht zu sagen, wer machtvoller ist Seit mehr als 450 Jahren gibt es den Jesuitenorden. Galt er früher als Bollwerk des Papsttums, so wird er heute als aufgeschlossen und modern wahrgenommen. Papst Franziskus - der erste Jesuiten-Papst mit Boliviens Evo Morales Mit über 18.000 Mitgliedern ist der Jesuitenorden der größte Priesterorden der katholischen Kirche und viele Menschen sind der Meinung, die [ Campbell, a Jesuit who was sent to Colorado. (He abused Kevin O'onnor.) In 2003, church officials admitted that 13 of his victims had stepped forward. He also taught at SLU High School across from Forest Park During the years of the merger of the Father of the Rothschild world banking dynasty, the Jewish Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, the Shabbatean protégée of the 1666 Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, and the founder of the Masters of the Illuminate of Bavaria, the Jewish Jesuit trained, Adam Weishaupt, the following story was recorded in the Rothschild family records

The war [Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits. ~ Abraham Lincoln War! The opening shot of the confederate rebellion rang out on April 12 th, 1861 one month after Lincoln was proclaimed President of the United States, the 4 th of March 1861, wrote Charles Chiniquy. Let us discover what President Abraham Lincoln. 1740 Askkenaz House of Rothschild organized to run Conspiracy 1776 Jew banker Haym Solomon finances American Revolution 1783 U.S. federal government a white Constitutional Republic Roman Catholic faction: 1773 Suspension of Jesuit Order in Catholic countries 1776 Rothschild funds reconstitution of The Alumbrados [The Illuminati] to subver Auch ein Rothschild, nämlich Salomon Meyer Freiherr von Rothschild (1774-1855), wird durch Papst Franziskus typmäßig alludiert: Screenshot: Canal 21 Und es tun sich auch noch ein paar weitere Parallelen zum aktuellen Fall auf, denn im Bildvergleich von Franziskus mit dem Ex-Bürgermeister Giuliani ist nicht nur, wie in der P2-Verschwörung, ebenfalls der Vatikan vertreten Meyer Amschel Rothschild died on September 19, 1812. His will spelled out specific guidelines that were to be maintained by his descendants: 1) All important posts were to be held by only family members, and only male members were to be involved on the business end. The oldest son of the oldest son was to be the head of the family, unless otherwise agreed upon by the rest of the family, as was.

A new audio commentary on a recent news item from Old Paths Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio: Title: Jesuit Pope & Masonic Rothschild, Rockefeller Bank Cartel Unite Subtitle: Opbc Online Live Speaker: Jason Cooley Broadcaster: Old Paths Baptist Church Event: Current Events Date: 12/15/2020 Length: 122 min Pope Francis looks on during his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican April 17. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) In the teaching of Pope Francis, the devil has a more dastardly agenda than just convincing people to break one of the Ten Commandments; the enemy wants them to feel weak, worthless and always ready to complain or gossip.In his first month in office, Pope Francis. Child Sacrifices, George Soros and 63,233 Federal Indictments About to be Served. Monday, November 19, 2018 6:57. If George Soros was not named in several of the over 63,233 sealed indictments filed in federal courts throughout the nation this year, I personally would lose all faith in President Trump, his chief investigator Attorney General Huber, the White Hats and what they were doing to. Die Jesuiten-Elite umfasst nicht nur Priester und den Papst: Laut dem EU-Rats-Präsidenten, van Rompuy, sei die ganze EU-Spitze Jesuiten - und das stimmt. Die Jesuiten haben das Evangelium bis ans Ende der Welt getragen, den Heiden geholfen und ihre Bekehrten gegen die weissen Imperialisten verteidigt The greatest tragedies in the last two hundred years can be traced to the Jesuits. We will now show that the Jesuits planned and carried out the sinking of the Titanic, and we will show why they did it. Since the early 1830's, America did not have a central bank. The Jesuits desperately wanted another central bank in America so that they would have a bottomless reservoir from which to draw.

The Rothschild Dynasty is Jesuit - The Rothschilds are Jesuit

Rothschilds Jesuiten-Banker-Marionette kandidiert, um Präsident zu werden: Einwanderer gut für Frankreich, bringen neue Kreativität und Innovation - während sie Paris demolieren Veröffentlicht am März 7, 2017 von Königsberg/Pr Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., the 30th superior general of the Society of Jesus, died in Tokyo, Japan, on May 20. He was 84 years old. With sorrow, but at the same time full of gratitude, I wish to. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time

Dankbarkeits-Kampagne - siebter Impuls: Willi Lambert SJ führt uns zum Jesuskind. 23.12.2020 07:00 von Pia Seile

Vatican Secret Societies Jesuits and the New World Order

  1. Komplette Liste von Banken im Besitz und unter Kontrolle
  2. The Black Pope & Meyer Amschel Rothschil
Die Könige, Rothschilds, Bushs, Rockefellers und Jesuiten2016 2018 Timeline for Collapse V – Forbidden Knowledge TVExcalibur - für die Freyheit: Die Welt in Quarantäne - dieNachrichten August 2017Ich danke dem Himmel: Die Türkei in der Bibel ☪ ErdoganParzifal-Versand
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