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Discover every state's gun & carry laws with your free, comprehensive U.S. Ma Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Smith & Wesson's Model 460XVR™ has the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. The Model 460XVR™ is so revolutionary that it required an entirely new designation...XVR, X-treme Velocity Revolver. Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are created from the ground up. From hand-cutting and fitting to fine. Smith & Wesson Model 460 is a large bore five-shot, single-action/double-action revolver by Smith & Wesson chambered for the .460 S&W Magnum cartridge. It was designed as a hunting and dangerous game defensive revolver for use in Africa and Alaska Smith & Wesson says that the .460 S&W is the highest velocity revolver cartridge in the world, firing bullets at up to 2,409 feet per second (734 m/s). The .460 cartridge achieves high velocities by operating at chamber pressures (65,000 psi max) normally reserved for magnum rifle cartridges

Managing Editor Aaron Carter shoots the Smith & Wesson 460V, an extra-large frame big bore revolver chambered in .460. Notice the compensator on the end of t.. I do some shooting with the Smith & Wesson 460 VXR Performance Center revolver with 45LC, 458 Casul, and 460S&W and chronograph the data. Then, we see how. Smith & Wesson's .460 XVR Magnum Revolver by Jeff Quinn. photography by Jeff Quinn. September 10th, 2005 Smith & Wesson created quite a ruckus in the handgun world a couple of years ago when they introduced their big X-frame revolver chambered for the .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum Smith & Wesson 460XVR Performance Center .460 S&W Mag. GI#: 101568634. With the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth the model 460XVR is so revolutionary that it required an entirely new designation, XVR, X-treme Velocity Revolver. This large boreClick for more info Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR 460SW Performance Center Revolver with HI-VIZ Front Sight. $1,949.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Smith & Wesson. Item Number: 11626

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Since the Smith & Wesson .460 XVR only chambers five rounds, it feels a bit like a Chief's Special that was fed a regular diet of steroids and growth hormones. There's no denying that this gun is huge. Taking the side plate off of the .460 XVR reveals innards that are very much like every other double action Smith & Wesson revolvers Hornady 460 Smith & Wesson 200 Grain Super Shock Tip. OUT OF STOCK (2) Federal P460XB1 Vital-Shok Barnes Expander 20RD 275gr 460 S&W. OUT OF STOCK (4) Federal F460FS1 Fusion SP 20RD 260gr 460 S&W. OUT OF STOCK (0) Federal PD460SA Vital-Shok Swift A-Frame 20RD 300gr 460 S&W OUT OF. Smith and Wesson 460XVR Performance Center 5 RD 460 S&W Magnum 14 Stainl. Smith & Wesson Model 460V 460 S&W 5in Stainless Revolver - 5 Rounds - The Smith & Wesson 460V is a versatile big bore revolver that is great for hunting large game and an intimidating personal protection gun

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Performance Center. 1 Image (s) SMITH AND WESSON PERFOMANCE CENTER 460 STAINLESS. WE HAVE FOR SALE A SMITH AND WESSON PERFOMANCE CENTER 460 STAINLESS WITH SOFT CASE AND SLING (read more) Gun #: 925228816. Seller: RONS SPORT SHOP. RONS SPORT SHOP. $1,750.00. Full Details A) Smith & Wesson Performance Center Model 460 Double Action Revolver with Scope and Case. Fitted with a green light pipe style front and fully adjustable rear notch sights, five shot fluted cylinder, extended, compensated, PERFORMANCE CENTER marked barrel with an integral Picatinny rail... Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination

Find Smith and Wesson Model 460 for sale at Omaha Outdoors, the best online firearms and outdoor gear site. You can buy Smith and Wesson Model 460 online with confidence at the best price on our website. At Omaha Outdoors, purchase Smith and Wesson Model 460 from a trusted source SMITH & WESSON 460XVR 460 S&W Magnum 8.5in Barrel 5rd Single/Double Action Revolver (163460) Smith and Wesson. Rating * Name * Email * Review Subject * Comments $1,299.95. SKU SNW-163460 UPC 022188634600 Availability Available Online. Availability Quantity: Decrease. The Smith & Wesson 460 XVR is one big example of belt artillery. Starting with the company's X frame—the one it developed for the .500 S&W magnum—the S&W engineers took the .454 Casull case and lengthened it. They also upped the chamber pressure to the highest of any cartridge out there.

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Thinking about trading my Smith and Wesson 460 XVR. Has a Leupold VX3 2.5-8X32 scope on it. Come with a couple boxes of ammunition (not sure exactly how many rounds I have right off. Also comes with a nylon chest rig that fits the gun/scope. I'd really like a 2011 pistol (preferably not a .40 Continue reading Smith and Wesson 460 XV Smith and Wesson has delivered what may be the ultimate hunting handgun with the S&W Performance Center 460XVR , sportsman should take a serious look Shop online for top quality .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum Centerfire Handgun Ammo for sale! Sort By . Product Name Price Latest Products Most Popular. 460 Smith & Wesson Mag. Buffalo bore Ammo .460 s&w mag 360 Grain lead flat nose 20 Rounds [26B20] View Out. 460 Smith & Wesson Mag. Buffalo Bore Ammo 460 S. Smith & Wesson .460 — 8.38″ With Standard Sights. Smith & Wesson .460XVR Bone Collector — 7.5. Read Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime

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  1. The .460 Smith and Wesson Magnum is built to handle both long-range hunting and Dangerous Game hunting and defensive performance. Performance. Smith & Wesson says that the .460 S&W is the highest velocity revolver cartridge in the world, firing bullets at up to 2,409 feet per second (734 m/s)
  2. Characteristics. The Smith & Wesson Model 460 is a .45 caliber, double action revolver. It is based on the X framed Smith & Wesson Model 500, and while mainly used with .460 S&W Magnum rounds, it can also chamber .454 Casull, and .45 Colt ammunition.Smith & Wesson states that Model 460 XVR (Xtreme Velocity Revolver) is the highest velocity production revolver, while being the most powerful.
  3. Ballistics and Drop for the .460 Smith & Wesson Cartridge Type: Height: 1.79 Width: 0.512 Average FPS: 1885 Average Energy: 2240 Average Gr: 284 Recoil: 2.46 *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of .460 Smith & Wesson Ballistics cartridge
  4. The Mighty .460 Smith and Wesson Bolt action rifle. I'm always looking for new ideas and this seemed like a great one. We were talking about subsonic calibers with suppressors that were being used to specifically hunt feral hogs. Several examples were brought up about the fact that the .300 Blackout was failing on the big pigs
  5. Smith & Wesson Performance Center 460XVR Revolver. The 460VXR revolver is a truly massive gun. When I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. The weapon weighs an astounding 77 ounces and spans over fifteen..

The S&W Model 460XVR (which stands for Xtreme Velocity Revolver) itself is built on the same X-frame platform as the Model 500 S&W pioneered in 2003 for the massive 500 S&W Magnum cartridge, but with several high-performance innovations Smith & Wesson 460 We all grew up hearing the phrase, Faster than a speeding bullet..., but not when it is fired from Smith & Wesson's new Model 460XVR, with the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. The Model 460XVR is so revolu Smith & Wesson .460 S&W review Bad Customer Service. Smith & Wesson was once a trusted brand, considered the best production revolver available. In 2013 I discovered that they are only slightly better than Taurus. It saddens me to see what was once a great brand, now failing. -Shepard Humphries Smith & Wesson M460xvr 163460 460sw 8.5 Ss - $1255.99 Caliber 460 S&W Magnum Capacity 5rd Barrel 8.5 Safety Sights Front: HI-VIZ InterchangeableRear: Adjustable White Outline Stock Magazine 5 163460 163460 02218863460

Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 460 Smith & Wesson Handgun Ammunition at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore The Smith & Wesson Model 460 is an X-frame, double action revolver chambered in Smith & Wesson's own .460 S&W Magnum cartridge. The entire line of Model 460s are commonly referred to as Model 460 XVR, although the XVR is simply a variant of the Model 460. 1 Design Details 2 Ammunition 3 Variants.. SMITH & WESSON 460XVR. SKU: 163460; STATUS: Available; CALIBER: .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum; CAPACITY: 5 rounds; BARREL LENGTH: 8.38 / 21.3 cm; OVERALL LENGTH: 15″ / 38.1 c Old School Tacticool - Smith & Wesson .460 XVR Compensated Hunter • Lothar-Walther custom German rifle barrel • Recoil compensator • Polished button rifling • Six groove 16 twist • Scope mount accessory kit • Integral Weaver style base • PC gun rug • Forged hammer and trigger • Traditional pinned.

Smith and Wesson 460V 5″ Revolver OVERVIEW. Features • The world's most versatile big bore revolver • A great hunting gun for large game • Fires .460 S&W Magnum, .454 Casull and .45 Colt • 2100 Ft/Sec muzzle velocity • Gain twist rifling for accuracy and velocity • Includes two rear sights to allow for precise targeting with all chambering The .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum is a centerfire handgun cartridge Shop online for top quality .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum Centerfire Handgun Ammo for sale! All Manufacturers Buffalo Bore CorBon Federal Hornady HSM Magtech Uncategorized Wincheste Find Smith & Wesson Model 460 XVR revolver parts, accessories and more today with Numrich Gun Parts. Providing parts since 1950 Description.460 Smith & Wesson Magnum 300 Grain Hornady XTP-The .460 S&W round is a lengthened, more powerful version of the popular .454 Casull, itself a longer and more powerful version of the .45 Colt.For this reason, the .460 S&W Magnum could be considered an example of a super magnum Smith & Wesson .460 — 4.0″ With Fiber Optic Sights

I am wanting to buy a Smith and Wesson 460 in an 8 inch model. just seeing if anyone out there has one or has ha experience with one. This is not really a purpose specific gun, its really more for fun and because its big and powerful. The thing that appeals to me the most about it, is that it.. Smith & Wesson's 460XVR (X-treme Velocity Revolver) is a Performance Center hand cannon aimed squarely at the handgun hunting market. As if to evince the seriousness of its purpose, the snub-nosed 460XVR comes packaged in a plain white corrugated box, not the usual cardboard container gaily decorated with the vivid blue and white S&W colors The Smith Wesson 460 is a big bore revolver chambered in 460 SW Mag. A double-action revolver built on an X-Frame its constructed of stainless steel and features a 5-round capacity and textured.

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  1. Delivering maximum velocity for handgun hunters, Smith & Wesson® engineered the 460XVR™ Revolver to deliver the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. This X-treme Velocity Revolver (XVR) produces velocities over 2,300 feet per second with a gain-twist rifled barrel for superb long range accuracy past 200 yards
  2. Smith & Wesson's new 460XVR changes that. Introduced in 2005, the 460XVR (Extreme Velocity Revolver) is built on the same massive five-shot, double action X-frame that houses the S&W 500 Magnum. With an 83/8-inch barrel (1 inch of which is interchangeable compensator) the stainless-steel gun weighs a hefty 73 ounces
  3. Quickview. Smith & Wesson Model 64, 67, 610, 617, 686, 625, 629, 460 & 500 Yoke Screw Assembly. $6.46. 1. Code: 219860000. In Stock. Add to Cart. Quickview. Smith & Wesson K/L/N/X-Frame Mainspring

Smith & Wesson's new 3.50 -barrel Performance Center 460XVR is an expertly crafted revolver designed with a specific mission in mind, namely, to provide a massive amount of dangerous-game. The Smith & Wesson 460V is a versatile big bore revolver that is great for hunting large game and an intimidating personal protection gun. It includes two rear sights to allow for precise targeting with all chambers. The 460V also features a stainless steel frame and cylinder. Shoots .460 S&W Magnum,.454 Casull and .45 Colt

Smith & Wesson's Performance Center 460XVR. It should come as no surprise that the company that made magnum a household word should provide the handgun fraternity with the biggest and baddest revolver on the market—the Smith & Wesson X-Frame Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR 460 Magnum Handgun is currently out of stock. Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR 460 Magnum Handgun. This product is not currently available, but don't go just yet. Shop Similar Products Product Description 02218863460

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.460 Смит и Ве́ссон Ма́гнум (англ. .046 Smith & Wesson Magnum , .460mag, .460sw) — охотничий патрон и наиболее мощный из находящихся в данный момент в производстве патронов калибра 11 мм Smith & Wesson 5 460. For Sale from Guns and Stuff Inc | Positive feedback: 100% View | Verified Seller | 37 Completed Sales View Sellers Items Description: Model: Model 460V Revolver - 5 With Leather scoped holster & Burris 2-7 x 32 Pistol scope with quick release mount weaver. Smith & Wesson 11626 460 Performance Center XVR Single/Double A. OUT OF STOCK (0) Smith & Wesson M460XVR PFMC 460 7.5 FO Stainless. OUT OF STOCK (45) Smith & Wesson M460XVR 5RD 460Smith & Wesson 8.38 OUT OF STOCK (14) Smith & Wesson M460XVR 5RD 460Smith & Wesson 10.5 PERFORMANCE OUT OF STOCK (38. can a smith and wesson 460 shoot, 410 ga.? it can shoot,454 casull, 45 acp, 45 schofield, Answer Save. 8 Answers. Relevance. Bill. Lv 7. 8 years ago. According to the owner's manual, the .460 S&W Magnum can also fire the .45 Colt and the .454 Casull. That's it. No .45 Schofield , no .410 shotgun shell,. Only Smith & Wesson could deliver this much power, and this much velocity in a precision, production revolver. • Removable, interchangeable compensator • The highest velocity revolver in the world - 2330 FPS/200 grain! Caliber 460 S&W Magnum

Smith & Wesson 460 SW Magnum 8 3/8 inch. Smith & Wesson 163460. Caliber: .460 S&W Magnum Capacity: 5 Barrel Length: 8-3/8 (7-3/8 + 1 Compensator) Front Sight: Gold Bead Black Patridge and HI-VIZ® Green Dot Interchangeable Rear Sight: Adjustable Black Blade Firing System: N/A Grip: Rubber Grip.. Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR Performance Center Revolver - This 460 XVR features a fluted barrel sling, integral picatinny style base top and bottom, forged hammer and trigger, traditional pinned sear, and internal lock Smith & Wesson says that the .460 S&W is the highest velocity revolver cartridge in the world, firing bullets at 2330 ft/s. With Buffalo Bore's... The Model 460--Smith & Wesson's Best Big-Game Gu M460XVR - A true multi-caliber and multi-purpose revolver built by Performance Center master gunsmiths on the durable Smith & Wesson X-Frame. The new Performance Center 460 XVR is a 5-shot. Smith and Wesson reported this year that more than 37. Last year Chicago experienced 460 homicides. Houston had 239, almost half. There are potentially effective [ Sportsman's Chest Holster for Smith & Wesson Revolvers by Model Brown Leather. $145.00 to $175.00. $6.99 shipping. SHOULDER Holster SMITH WESSON S&W X-FRAME 460 XVR 5 7.5 / 8-3/8 / 10-1/2 12 14. Nylon Belt or Clip on Gun Holster for Smith & Wesson 460. $19.95. Free shipping. Gun holster for Smith and Wesson 460V with a a 5 inch barreL

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shoulder holster smith wesson s&w x-frame 460 xvr 5 7.5 / 8-3/8 / 10-1/2 12 1 Smith and Wesson, 460XVR, 460 S&W Magnum $ 1,649.00. Smith and Wesson460XVR 3.5″ 170350 3.5″022188703504. Out of stock. SKU: 022188703504 Category: Smith and WessonRevolver. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) UPC# 022188703504 Manufacturer model# 170350. 460XVR. Smith & Wesson Model 460XVR .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum, 8.375 Inch Barrel, Satin Stainless Steel Finish... For Sale - Smith and Wesson .460 ES 2 3/4 Revolver callpks.co

Smith & Wesson Gun Holsters are handmade in Strasburg, PA USA.. Conceal Carry and IWB leather holsters for M&P Shield, M&P40, 9mm compact, Smith and Wesson 500.are Custom Leather Holsters. All AMERICAN.Smith and Wesson sample holsters. Leather holsters hand made one at a time Smith and Wesson .460 reviews? 07-05-2014, 18:39. What do you all think of them, maybe with the 5 inch barrel? Tags: None. DoubleBugle. Member. Join Date: May 2013; Posts: 49; Share Tweet #2. 07-05-2014, 21:47. I had one, lots of muzzle flash, and blast. Shooting it is.

Starting with their Extra Large Frame, the Smith & Wesson engineers worked to deliver maximum velocity - over 2,300 feet per second - to reach the target faster than ever before. The 460XVR™ has interchangeable compensators to accommodate every load and its gain-twist rifled barrel means superb long-range accuracy (beyond 200 yards) with every shot A SMITH AND WESSON MODEL 66 pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,300.10 new and $993.88 used . The 12 month average price is $1,300.10 new and $1,032.00 used. The new value of a SMITH AND WESSON MODEL 66 pistol has risen $460.48 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $1,300.10 I fired my first shots with the .460 and .500 S&W magnums in 2014, but by then the relatively young cartridges were already seasoned veterans of the world's hunting fields. Beyond handling the marketing efforts for Smith & Wesson, Paul Pluff is also one of the most avid, and experienced, handgun hunters in the industry today Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear

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Smith and wesson 460 - Micro hdmi to dvi adapter, Features• The world's most versatile big bore revolver• A great hunting gun for large game• An intimidating personal protection gun• Fires S&W Magnum The Model 460XVR is so revolutionary that it required an entirely new designation...XVR, X-treme Velocity Revolver. Starting with their Extra Large Frame, the Smith & Wesson engineers worked to deliver maximum velocity - over 2,300 feet per second - to reach the target faster than ever before The Lee Precision .460 Smith & Wesson Carbide 3-Die Kit also includes a powder dipper and a universal shell holder. If you're unsure how to proceed with your dies, Lee Precision has also included an instruction manual and a load data sheet with the kit, so you can always make precise measurements for the best ammunition Smith & Wesson's Model 460XVR™ has the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. The Model 460XVR™ is so revolutionary that it required an en Smith & Wesson P.C 460 XVR 3.5 460 S&W Magnu Smith & Wesson 460XVR.460 S&W (Factory Case & Holster

Smith & Wesson P.C 460 XVR 8 1/2 460 S&W Magnum. 163460. 23 900.00. Välj. Smith & Wesson P.C 500 8 3/8 500 S&W Mag. 163501. 23 900.00. Välj. Start > produkter > shooting > Vapen (Licens) >. .460 Smith & Wesson *Roll crimp the case mouth into the front cannelure. g g g Bullet Style: XPB Primer: WLR B.C. 0.215 COAL: 2.289 Barrel Length: 8.4 Case: Winchester Twist Rate: 1:20 Charge Velocity Charge Velocity Powder (grains) (fps) (grains) (fps) ♦No. 9 34.2 1805 38.0 2006 ♦Enforcer 35.1 1775 39.0 1972 Minimum Maximu And with the Smith & Wesson 460 Revolver, you'll receive the features, quality and proven performance that Smith & Wesson is known for Designed for competition shooting and hunting, the Smith & Wesson 460XVR .460 S&W Magnum Revolver boasts a 5-round capacity, a large frame and a gain-twist, rifled barrel made of stainless steel. The revolver is also equipped with a synthetic grip and an exposed hammer. Front and rear sights

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The Awesome.460 Smith & Wesson Precision machined from stainless-steel hammer forgings, the 460's frame is pretty much standard the X-frame design with a brushed satin finish. The unfluted cylinder holds five rounds. The 5-inch long barrel shroud wears integrally machined Picatinny rails top and bottom what are you thoughts on these two? Featured What's new New posts New media New media comments New resources Latest activit WEIG-A-TINNY ® Stainless Steel Smith Wesson .500 and .460 X Frame Scope Mount. Smith Wesson scope mount WEIG-A-TINNY ® style- Remove the rear sight and install this versatile WEIG-A-TINNY ® style base, scope mount in just minutes. (most revolvers mfg after 1992 are factory drilled and tapped for this scope mount) *Fits K, L, N and X frame revolvers that come drilled and tapped from the factory RELATED STORY: Gun Review - Smith & Wesson's Performance Center 460XVR For those wanting a slightly longer barrel, the 460XVR 8.38 is identical to the 5-inch-barreled model except for having the longer tube. Its MSRP is $1,369. Next up barrel length-wise is the 460 XVR 10.5

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Model: Model 460V Revolver - 5. Caliber: 45 Colt, 454 Casull, 460 S&W Magnum. Capacity: 5. Barrel Length: 5 / 12.7 cm. Overall Length: 11.3. Front Sight: Red Ramp. Rear Sight: Adjustable. Action: Single/Double Action The Model 460XVR is so revolutionary that it required an entirely different designation, (XVR) X-treme Velocity Revolver. Starting with their Extra Large Frame, the Smith & Wesson engineers worked to deliver maximum velocity - over 2,300 feet per second - to reach the target faster than ever before

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I went to the Smith and Wesson forums and folks with 460s were having a dickens of a time getting 45 Colt rounds to shoot well. The 460 ammo shot real good. My thought is that I put a lot of rounds through any hunting or defense gun and wouldn't want a steady diet of 460 loads 460 Smith And Wesson Ammo - Handgun Ammo The 30 Coolest Handguns for Outdoorsmen - Shotguns and rifles rightfully get the call for the majority of hunting and outdoor-related tasks. Yet, American outdoorsmen and women love their sidearms, too. From rimfires to massive wheelguns

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Smith & Wesson M642 Airweight 38 special +P stainless with two grips New in box NO RESERVES - .38 Special +P $356.00: 29 $356.00 2d 14h 13m 1714082 In 2003 the gunsmiths and engineers at Smith & Wesson wanted to deliver maximum power for serious handgun enthusiasts. The power they sought required an entirely new frame, the massive X-Frame™, and was the basis for the new Model S&W500™, the most powerful production revolver in the world SMITH & WESSON MINI SIGMA 9MM- SW9M PAID $340.00 about 10 years ago. What is the value of a smith and Wesson 4043? Your smith and Wesson mod 4043 is running between 240-400 dollars depending. Smith & Wesson Model 642 38 Special J-Frame Revolver. $499.99. In Stock. Brand: Smith & Wesson. Item Number: 163810. (3 reviews .460 Smith and Wesson For Sale Or Trade. Price: 1,895.00 USD Price is negotiable Contact [email protected] Added 02-03-2021 18:33:06 Created by. CAROL L GAY (1) Contact this advertiser Report abuse * Full Description. New in box with factory accessories. Simply too large for hand to. Home / Products tagged smith and wesson 460 Sale! Quick View. Smith & Wesson S&W M&P9 C.O.R.E 9mm 5 $ 750.00 $ 710.00. About us. Buy firearms from Firearms suppliers a retailer and distributor of firearms, weapons, and firearms accessories all around the states and the world at large

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