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  1. Adnan's and Jay's stories agree for most of the day. (Times when they disagree are italicized.) Morning: Adnan and Jay agree that Adnan was at school on time. 10:40am: Adnan and Jay agree that they left school and had lunch. Afternoon: Adnan returns to school, but it's unclear at what time
  2. Adnan and Jay were together for much of the afternoon and evening Adnan and Jay are linked on the afternoon and evening through a number of independent witnesses, the call logs, and their own admissions. The call IDs show that Adnan's phone calling a combination of Jay's and Adnan's contacts throughout the afternoon and evening, including
  3. One theory could be that, at such an emotional and hormone driven time in their lives as high school students, it really did tick Jay off that Adnan had gotten a gift for Stephanie, Jay's girlfriend, before Jay did on her birthday that day, and then rubbed it in Jay's face by mentioning it to Jay and prodding him about his own plans to buy her a gift, even offering his car for Jay to go do it
  4. utes on the phone with Nisha and Krista, bullshitting, as teenagers do. Over the next few weeks the family, the press, and the police are all searching for Hae. Jenn does not understand why Jay can't tell BPD what happened

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Adnan had admitted to killing Lee and showed him her dead body as well as asking him to help him bury her. Jay had told the timeline of events for January 13 t h 1999 in grave detail. During that day, Adnan had borrowed Jay his car to get his girlfriend Stephanie, a birthday gift and Adnan gave jay his phone as well so he could call him later Adnan Syed, convicted of first-degree murder. Described by many as a kind, social, athletic golden child -- or a psychopath-- Adnan, now 34, was given a life sentence in 2000. Since then, he's been in jail, where he's maintained his innocence and -- as he explained on the podcast -- tried to become a better Muslim. Jay, key witness for the.

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  1. Lee was murdered in January 1999, and her body was found in Baltimore's Leakin Park a month later. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of Lee's murder after his friend Jay Wilds, a former classmate of Hae's and Adnan's, went to the police.Adnan and his family insist that, despite the conviction, he's innocent
  2. The 12-part podcast Serial never formally interviewed Jay Wilds, the star witness who helped convict Adnan Syed of Hae Min Lee's murder. The Intercept interviews Jay at length for the.
  3. And while the story he told the Intercept's Natasha Vargas-Cooper is more believable than the one he told the police or Adnan Syed's juries, it also makes Jay, as a witness, less credible — and.
  4. The most condemning evidence presented against Adnan during this entire ordeal was the confession made by his drug dealer Jay Wilds. Sarah keys in on this and says, Jay's story wasn't just the foundation of the state's case against Adnan, it was the state's case against Adnan (The Alibi, 18:55-19:02)
  5. Jay told the police that Adnan Syed, Lee's ex-boyfriend, was the killer. Two trials, a fairly thin evidentiary record, one plea deal for Jay, and an uneven defense lawyer followed. Ultimately.

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Most people agree that Jay is a notorious liar. While that does not mean that everything he said in relation to Hae's murder must be untrue (at least the jur.. I think Adnan remembering her birthday when Jay forgot it really pissed him off, and I think it likely that Jay saw Adnan's offer to lend him his car so he could get her a gift absolutely infuriating, like it was Adnan deliberately reminding him of what a bad boyfriend he was and how much closer he was to Stephanie

The podcast exploring the case of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, And, OK, one of the moderators from Reddit told us Jay is on Reddit.. Everyone was talking about Adnan Syed: Reddit forums exploded with theories, ordinary citizens took on the case from all corners of the world, and countless articles analyzed the evidence, critiqued the podcast's blind spots, and pored over every detail. I n 2018, Syed was finally granted a retrial. But there's more evidence still to unearth Jay, who would not share his last name, testified in court that Adnan Syed killed Hae Min Lee. Serial plays the recording of Jay's story to the police about what took place on January 13th Reddit boards lit up with theories and new investigative attempts to unlock the riddle, focusing in particular on a mysterious fellow classmate, Jay Wilds, whose varying testimony led to Adnan's.

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Reddit commenters have a whole thread about this point, feeling that Adnan's aside corroborates Jay and Adnan's partnership. What a strange choice of words: pathetic Adnan syed stephanie mcpherson reddit Continue. stories and perspectives from Woodlawn High School teachers who taught and had a close relationship with students Adnan Syed, Jay Wildes, Stephanie McPherson and Hae Min Lee, but declined to speak to Sarah Koenig for the podcast

The most important was testimony by a friend of Adnan's named Jay Wilds, who told the police he had helped Syed to bury Lee's body after Syed confessed to killing her, on Jan. 13. According to. Here's All The Evidence For And Against Adnan Syed. Adnan Syed is the subject of the popular podcast Serial that captured the audience of millions in 2014. He was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee Jay tells Jenn about Adnan's plans to kill Hae. Jay gets three calls from Adnan while at Jenn's house, two on the cell phone and one on Jenn's landline. 3:30 p.m. Jay doesn't hear from Adnan, so he leaves Jenn's house. 3:35 p.m. Adnan calls Jay when Jay is halfway home to say Come and get me, I'm at Best Buy. Adnan Syed With Jay, it was Her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested for the crime, and within a year, he was convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison Serial's Jay Wilds isn't in the new documentary The Case Against Adnan Syed - but where is he now? Digital Spy via Yahoo News · 2 years ago. Jay Wilds was a central figure in the Serial podcast and now, with a new documentary offering a..

The Innocence Project explains what's next for Serial's Adnan Syed. she says — while amateur sleuths on Reddit have helped them identify then why would Jay say he'd helped Syed dispose. What exactly did Jay Wilds do to help Adnan Syed? The way Wilds tells it, Syed pressured him to help dispose of Lee's body. In one police interview, Wilds said he saw the body, it was in a car.

Adnan Syed: 8 Biggest Case Updates Since 'Serial' Ended. The murder case of Hae Min Lee, first told to the world in the 2014 podcast Serial, has had continued ups and downs over the years that listeners are just now catching up on. The odd murder case became a story known around the globe when it was rehashed in the NPR-produced podcast Serial. The Reddit post pieces together the detailed events that prove Adnan and Jay to be guilty. It also asks questions at the end that make you question if you should still believe that Adnan is innocent. These two sources are great for a second opinion, or even to just help line up all of the confirmed events

Adnan Syed outside a Baltimore courthouse in 2016. The state's key witness, Jay Wilds, a former friend of Syed's, told the police that after he helped Syed bury Lee's body,. Adnan Syed has multiple options for appeal according to a legal expert, despite having his conviction for Hae Min Lee's murder reinstated Adnan Syed, whose case was on 'Serial,' granted new trial. By COURTNEY COLUMBUS March 29, 2018. BALTIMORE (AP) — For years, Adnan Syed sat behind bars serving a life sentence in the 1999 killing of his high school sweetheart, with little hope of ever getting out. But then, in 2014, a new podcast called Serial delved into his case.

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  1. Serial is a new podcast from the makers of the brilliant This American Life. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, the veteran reporter is looking at a murder case from 1999 in which a young high-school student, Hae Min Lee, was found dead in a Baltimore park having been strangled. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was charged with the crime and sentenced to lif
  2. There is so much controversy over whether Adnan is innocent. However, after researching for hours, like Sarah Koenig, I vote to acquit Adnan Syed.. The evidence proving him guilty is weak, and he cannot be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the only other option is to consider him innocent
  3. In episode 6 of true crime podcast Serial, Sarah Koenig breaks down The Nisha Call, or what our intrepid narrator refers to as the smoking gun. According call logs, someone phoned a girl.
  4. HBO's The Case Against Adnan Syed comes armed with an agenda and little else. The deep dive into the case Serial made famous tries to be nuanced and sensitive, but can't get past its pro-Syed.

Did Adnan Syed Do It? Private investigator Tyler Maroney joins Inside the Hive to discuss the cases that keep him up at night. By Nick Bilto n. September 20, 2019 To revist this. January 2, 2015 11:24am. Adnan Syed as a high school student at Baltimore's Woodlawn High School. Source: Supplied Source:Supplied. JAY Wilds, the key witness in a 1999 murder which gripped the. Adnan Syed Deserves a New Trial According to this timeline, Syed called his friend Jay Wilds at 2:36 p.m. from a payphone in the Best Buy parking lot, asking Wilds to pick him up Jay Wilds, the main witness in a case that put then-18-year-old Adnan Syed into jail for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999, has done an interview with The Intercept and changed his story. As any listener will know, Jay was a problematic witness for Serial narrator Sarah Koenig, because of the way he kept changing his story as. Adnan Syed is innocent under the circumstances that he was found guilty based on reasonable doubt, had been exploited by his defense lawyer and was provided with ineffective counseling by Christina Gutierrez. The case against Adnan was largely based on the story of one witness, Adnan's friend Jay, who by himself was not a credible informant

Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed — Reddit . Then, I listened to the final episode of the season. Koenig gives so many new pieces of information that COMPLETELY throws me off. First, The Nisha Call on January 13 linked Adnan with the cell phone and Jay during that afternoon Shamim Syed, Adnan's mother, and her son, Yusef Syed, at home in Baltimore On the other hand, I believe that this postcast has a comforting effect on Adnan's family. According to an interview , Shamim, Adnan's mother, along with Adnan's siblings are constantly tuning in to the podcast, discovering new aspects of Adnan's case The Case Against Adnan Syed may be her most complicated subject yet, as Berg explains below. It arrives after a huge wave of public interest, telling a story many viewers will think they already. Jay was interviewed many times on separate days, and although his story does vary throughout the interviews and through his testimony in court, the general plot stays consistent; Jay gets a phone call from Adnan, they go to a mall together to get Jay's girlfriend a birthday present where Adnan tells Jay he is going to kill Hae, Jay drops Adnan off back at at school where he is left with.

Theory #1: Adnan hired Jay to kill Hae, and Jay turned on him. Many Serial fans believe Jay is more involved in Hae's death than he let on. Jay knew details about Hae's manner of death and. The murder case of Adnan Syed, Before I give my personal opinion about this case, I want to talk about the basic principles of criminal law. One of the basic principles is the Presumption of innocence: holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonabl

We, the signers of this petition urge the State of Maryland and the governor, Larry Hogan, to pardon Adnan Syed, as he is not guilty of the murder of Hae Min Lee. Innocent people every day are charged with crimes they never committed and forced to live the rest of their lives confined in a jail cell. This is exactly the story of Adnan Syed Don Clinedinst is the former boyfriend of Hae Min Lee, a young woman whose murder in 1999 led to the imprisonment of another former boyfriend of hers: Adnan Syed.Syed is still in prison for the. The motorcycle Jay was looking at was being sold by Mr. Brown, the gym teacher at the high school Jay, Hae and Adnan all attended, for $3000. It's possible Jay told the truth, but when there's so much evidence contradicting his story the idea he was purely interested in the reward doesn't seem like a stretch

Adnan Syed, subject of the first season of the global hit podcast, Serial, continues his story in this HBO Documentary this Spring. Directed by Academy Award nominee Amy Berg, The Case Against Adnan Syed will explore the 1999 disappearance and murder of 18-year-old Baltimore County high school student Hae Min Lee, and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, a case brought. Officials escort Serial podcast subject Adnan Syed from the courthouse on Feb. 3, 2016. Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to reject a bid to hear an appeal. Official Court Transcripts of Adnan Syed's First and Second Trials in 1999 and 2000. If you want to look up something that was said during one of the trials, such as Hae Min Lee's mother's heartbreaking comments at the sentencing hearing, or what Debbie W said (or couldn't remember) at trial, or even whether the prosecution's closing arguments did or did not depend on a certain. Upon arriving, Jay states Syed showed him Lee's body in his trunk. At 5:10pm, Adnan was dropped off at track practice. It wasn't till 7-10 that Jay recollects them taking disposing of Hae's body in the woods, then Jay's girlfriend Jenn picked them up, allowing them to dispose of their clothes at a local super market

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Adnan Syed, Innocent Or Guilty? eng4uisp English July 28, 2018. July 28, 2018. 5 Minutes. Listening to the Serial podcast, it is really clear to me that the murder of Hae is a puzzle with many missing pieces. There is no strong evidence, most of the people investigated are not very trusted witnesses, and there is no complete storyline to add up In 2000, Adnan Syed, was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and was given a life sentence plus 30 years. In July 2016, Judge Martin P. Welch vacated Syed's conviction and. Today is Adnan's birthday. Today he turns 34.* I wrote before about how, in the early years of his incarceration, my mother dreamt that Adnan would be released from prison in his 30's, specifically after the age of 35. My husband says my mother told him it would be at 35. Fifteen years ago that was a hard pill to swallow, the idea that he would stay in prison for so long, lose his 20's.

Jay Speaks Part 2: 'Hae was dead before she got to my house. Anything that makes Adnan innocent doesn't involve me.' The hugely popular 12-part podcast Serial investigated the 1999. Convicted murderer Adnan Syed leaves the Baltimore City Circuit Courthouse in Baltimore on Feb. 5, 2016. CARLOS BARRIA / R Aug. 23, 2016, 12:34 AM UTC / Updated Aug. 23, 2016, 12:35 AM UT

Like a 'Game of Thrones' episode, or a later sequel in a superhero film franchise, the stakes in HBO's 'The Case Against Adnan Syed' are too dependent on the content and impact of a pre-existing work In 1999, 18-year-old Baltimore County high school student Hae Min Lee went missing and was later found dead. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of her murder and before the case became. Hae Min Lee on the left and Adnan Syed on the right. Hae Min Lee, a female student from Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, disappears on January 15, 1999. Her body was found in a local park a month later, and the autopsy revealed that she died from manual strangulation. Adnan Syed, Hae's ex-boyfriend, was suspected and convicted of her murder Today we're publishing the third and last in a series of exclusive interviews with Jay Wilds. He's the key witness in the 2000 murder trial of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of murdering his ex.

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Jay was Adnan's former best friend and classmate, whom he would sometimes smoke weed with (Rolling Stone). His testimony to the police regarded the afternoon when Hae went missing; he told them about how Adnan was planning to kill Hae, and that he would need Jay to pick him up after in his car Serial and the case of Adnan Syed is now internationally popular (the BBC picked up the show) but back home, the Syeds say the case has left their family so fractured that Adnan's mother listens. In a later post, I plan on expanding further on Adnan's cell phone records and the related witness testimony, and discussing what we can reconstruct about Hae's murder from the existing evidence. This post, however, is not about the evidence that we have. It's about the evidence that we don't have -- and that's evidence that Jay i The physical evidence against Adnan Syed was scant - a few underwhelming fingerprints. So aside from cell records, what did the prosecutors bring to the jury, to shore up Jay's testimony? Sarah weighs all the other circumstantial evidence they had against Adnan, including curious behavior, a disconcerting note, and an unexplained mid-afternoon phone call View Copy of Jay and Adnan Direct and Indirect Characterization Episode 8 & 9 from ENGLISH MISC at Rancho Bernardo High. Lovable Believa ble Streetw ise Dangerous He is characterized as very charmin

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In conclusion, Adnan Syed was wrongfully convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee because of the lack of evidence beyond reasonable doubt, the manipulation by Christina Gutierrez, and failure to pursue information that could have acquitted Adnan or diminished his punishment Jay Wilds was one of the main witnesses in the trial of Adnan Syed. He was also a classmate of Adnan's and dated Adnan's friend Stephanie McPherson. Adnan is currently serving life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in January 1999, something which he has always denied Not only was Adnan angry at Hae for dummping him, but he was furious at her for embarrassing his ego. Jay, one of Adnan's friends from high school remembers Adnan saying: I'm gonna kill that b**** (Farberov 1). Adnan refuses ever saying something of that sort, and instead tells Sarah Koenig that he was over her

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When the first season of the wildly popular podcast Serial debuted in 2014, millions of listeners learned about the 1999 murder of high school senior Hae Min Lee. The podcast asked whether her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was convicted of her murder, may actually be innocent, which led to several key people involved in the case being re-examined In my previous blog post, I discussed my response to Serial and the elements of a podcast. However, as some of you may have noticed, I avoided the real question - is Adnan Syed guilty or innocent? The reason I avoided this question is because I was unable to form a final judgment

Adnan Syed - Guilty Ever since The Judiciary Act of 1789, the United States courts system has been accurately convincing some of the most ruthless and dangerous criminals the world has seen. It has been able to accurately distinguish the difference between innocent and guilty and kept lying criminals from escaping unscathed On the left is Adnan Syed and to his right is Jay Wilds. If Adnan really threatened him, while the time that he was in school, Jay could have easily called the police to report Adnan and there would be no danger that Adnan could pose for Jay. Adnan Syed is Innocent. Reddit Questions still remain about Lee's 1999 murder, as ex-boyfriend Syed continues to serve a life sentence, and the case receiving mass attention from the podcast, 'Serial.

Adnan Syed is GuiltyWhat does Serial host Sarah Koenig think of Adnan Syed'sAlternative Theories For Hae Min Lee’s Murder That WillAdnan Syed is Innocent and Here’s Why – Raluca Urian's BlogQuick Reference for Official (and unoffical) PhotosEpisode 02: The Breakup - SerialAdnan Syed: Guilty or Not? – Sam Carey

Adnan Syed's Family Finds Comfort in 'Serial' Podcast. but we believed Jay was responsible [for Adnan's wrongful the key witness who testified that Adnan murdered Hae, is on Reddit,. Nikisha Horton, former girlfriend of Jay's, spoke in episode two and three of The Case Against Adnan Syed. She recalled a time that she claims her relationship became abusive and Jay hit her Adnan Syed Of 'Serial' To Remain In Prison As Supreme Court Will Not Hear Appeal The high court did not provide an explanation for why it declined to hear the appeal by Syed, who was convicted in. If you're a fan of Sarah Koenig's popular podcast, Serial, then you might already know that previously convicted murderer Adnan Syed — whose case was the subject of the podcast's hit first.

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