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For maximum muscle fiber fatigue, use the myo rep method developed by Borge Fagerly. It's a form of rest/pause. You reach failure or close to it, then do as. Myo-reps is commonly done at 30-50% of 1RM where we take advantage of the occlusion effect and metabolic stress to increase muscle activation and induce muscle growth through various growth pathways that compensate for the lack of mechanical stress (through loading) 1. level 1. musclehacking. Nutrition 2 years ago · edited 2 years ago. Correlation doesn't equal causation. You can do almost anything as a beginner and make gains, doesn't mean it's optimal. Never heard of myo reps. 5 minutes of reading later it feels like another psuedo-science attempt to reinvent the wheel

Myo-reps är inte ett träningsupplägg eller ett system, utan är en metod att utföra ett (eller flera) set på ett särskilt vis Då och då dyker det dock upp trender och träningsmetoder som verkligen skiljer sig från mängden. En sådan metod är rest-pause -träning What are Myo-Reps? Myo-reps involve first performing an activation set, where a relatively lower load is lifted to near-failure, typically in the 12-30 repetition range. Then, a series of lower-rep back-off sets are completed with the same weight, e.g., 3-5 reps The Hip Thrusts Works The Quads & Can Built Your Max Squat! If the number of effective reps (reps within 5 to failure) is the key to stimulate hypertrophy what is your opinion on rest pause/ myo reps , or even rest less and your lighter load?, in order to save time Nadav Ebert • February 24, 2020 16:0 1️⃣ 5 sets of 5 | hip thrusts. I've been making thrusts a priority on leg day recently because ow, my gluteus 2️⃣ reduce weight.. 1 set of MYO-REPS hip thrusts! 10 reps, 5 second rest, 5 reps, 5 second rest, 5 reps 3️⃣ 3 sets of 8 | sumo 3/4th squats 4️⃣ finished off with 3 sets of 8 straight leg DL to 8 sumo squa Glute Bridges: Set 1&2: 90kg x 12 reps (then thought Hip Thrusts would be better) Hip Thrusts: Set 3&4: 60kg x 10 reps, Set 5: 80kg x 8 reps - evil! Military Press (between sets of Hip Thrusts): Set 1: 25kg x 10 reps, Set 2, 27.5kg x 7 reps, Set 3: 30kg x 5 reps (got really tired on these)

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For 1.5 reps you'll lift all the way to the top, lower down halfway, go back up and then come all the way back down. These really add up so make sure to lower your weight or do a few less reps. Another key part of the hip thrust is the height of the bench. If you look closely you can see I am starting from a blue pad, not the floor Hip-Thrusts (Myo-Reps; 30 sec. rests) - 135X17, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 @9/7 Solid, bounce-back session. Messed up the top set of Squats and stopped one set early. Should have been going for ~335 @8 here. Then I lost count on the back-off set and ended up doing an extra rep, and STILL hitting under target RPE @9. We'll try to dial that in next week Hip thrusts build strength and size in your glutes in a way many other exercises cannot, and experts agree that they provide benefits for many people, from athletes to older adults over age 65.

Be First to Hear About my New Programs!(I will be releasing a new Intermediate/Advanced as well a Beginner's Program!!)Sign Up for My Mailing List! http.. Complete dumbbell and and barbell leg workout! High intensity booty and leg workout to grow your booty, target your hamstrings and quads. Don't forget.. June 7, 2019 · . A complete leg workout targeting quads, glutes and hamstrings!! ————————————————————————— Hello ladies!How you doing today? I hope you are ready for this leg workout that will alsohelp grow your BOOTY, oh yesss. Today I decided to follow Whitney Simmons full leg workout because let me tell you, she got that dream booty goals girl. On my research of looking for a killer le I tested Myo-Reps a while ago and liked the fact that it is quite time-saving and integrates quite well with the body weight exercises.I also want to put the focus to Hypertrophy for a while. Glutes: shoulders and feet elevated one leg hip thrusts are the hardest isolation I know of, but only intermediate difficulty

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Hip thrusts. Chris Adams Personal Training. Nottingham. A common goal my female client has is to make their glutes bigger. As a result, hip trusts have gained in popularity in gyms in recent years 3 sets of 8-10 hip thrusts. 1 set of myo-rep hip thrusts 10 reps 5 reps 5 reps. 2-3 sets of 10 sumo deadlifts. superset | 3 sets 15 overhead walking lunges 10 split lunges. superset | 2 sets 12 cable rdl 12 sumo squats 12 sumo pulses. burnout | 2 sets 10 single leg hamstring bridge 10 single leg hamstring bridge 10 hamstring bridge. outfit is.

Oct 19, 2019 - Discover Instagram Users, A new experience viewing Instagram on the web, Share Instagram media on Facebook or Twitter, Download Instagram full-resolution image cardio warmup: 5 minutes of HIIT or 10 minutes of cardio of your choice. Here's what I'm doing: 5 minutes on the stair master: alternating in 30 second intervals between leve Hip Assistance movements included to deal with snapping hips (starting to clear up). All movements are performed cluster style (work up to a heavy non grinding single then do as many singles until the weight slows). For hip thrusts I'll perform them at an intensity of 6-8 reps double rest pause. Deload week 4 5 reps, rest 3-5 seconds; 5 reps, rest 3-5 seconds; I will tell you that this workout was really intense. I started with running on the treadmill for 20 minutes as my cardio and then I moved onto the video. I wound up only doing the 3 supersets and taking out the hip thrusts at the end because my legs were on fire by the time I finished just. Hip Thrusts and the Rest-Pause Method Something I really like about hip thrusts is that they lend themselves very well to the rest-pause technique. I described this technique in a SCJ article in addition to the constant tension method. With the rest-pause method, you perform a certain number of reps, rest a little bit, perform a couple more.

One of my more productive training templates for advanced clients is rotating between both rep ranges and exercises for the same muscle groups, daily training. So e.g. Day 1 might be split squats at 70-75% of 1RM, Day 2 Myo-reps with leg extensions/curls+hip thrusts @50%, Day 3 Squats/front squats @80-85% Loaded hip thrust-based PAP protocol effects on acceleration and sprint performance of handball players - this experiment by Dello Iacono and colleagues, published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, indicated that both heavy hip thrusts (3 sets of 6 reps with 85% of 1RM) and explosive hip thrusts (3 sets of 10 reps with 50% of 1RM) induced an acute postactivation potentiation (PAP) effect. Currently, my myo-rep exercises include the hip thrust, low-incline dumbbell press, and high incline bench press. For the exercises such as the hip thrust and the high incline bench press, could I increment the weight by 5lbs per week if the load still fits into at least [email protected]

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  1. Myo Reps and How to Use Them for Strength and Hypertrophy; Some examples would include back extensions, hip thrusts and leg curls. I've experimented with conventional deadlifting every 3 days (sumo tends to be easier to recover from due to back angle)
  2. It should be over your hip joint anteriorly. I probably wouldn't do hip thrusts against bands without a barbell, but you could do these at home in a pinch, for sure. Barbell Medicine With you from bench to bedsid
  3. 1 set of myo-rep hip thrusts 10 reps 5 reps 5 reps 2-3 sets of 10 sumo deadlifts superset | 3 sets 15 overhead walking lunges 10 split lunges superset | 2 sets 12 cable rdl 12 sumo squats 12 sumo pulses burnout | 2 sets 10 single leg hamstring bridge 10 single leg.

Ska följa detta. Kommer nog att köra de ~2 sista övningarna som myo-reps för att spara lite tid. En fråga angående progressionen i huvudövningarna. Jag är lite osäker på hur du menar att man ska lägga in de tunga tvåorna. Är det så här ungefär? 5*5 @ 75 5*5 @ 77.5 5*5 @ 80 5*5 @ 82.5 4*5, 1*4 @ 85 (bommade sista set) 3*3 @ 87.5. Squats Vs. Hip Thrusts. Spend just a bit of time on the internet and you'll quickly see the controversy over what exercise is best for firmer glutes - squats or hip thrusts. Surprisingly for a much argued question there is little research to support an answer but certainly of late, hip thrusts seem to be winning out hip thrusts with myo reps 4 SETS TOTAL (Myo-reps: do 1 set of 10 reps, rest for 10-15 seconds max, do another 5 reps, rest 10-15 seconds, do another 5 reps, repeat as many 5 sets as you can My reps per exercise and weights used are noted below in brackets: Thruster (right) (16kg) (16, 14) Thruster (left) (16kg) (15, 14) Side to Side Steps (with 6kg) (59, 56) - DEATH! Renegade Row and Push-Up Combo (2 x 16kg) (8, 8 ) - 1 rep = 1 row each side + push-u

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  1. Myo reps one-legged hip thrusts. Have fun building strength and size! Free online yoga class. Home workout. #freeyoga #homeworkout #alikamenova. Let's Flow with Ease and Strength. Enjoy this video. I'd love to hear from you. Intro Music by Jonny Be. Full Song link ♥ More at
  2. Myo Reps A Myo Rep is a (Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts). However, the tempo will always be listed in the order listed above which starts with the eccentric. Therefore, for exercises which begin with the concentric, you must start reading the tempo beginning with the third digit.
  3. WOD: Bo Knows Skill: Front Squats 10,5,5,5,3,3,1,1 13 Min AMRAP 30 Russian KB Swings (24kg/16kg) 30 Burpees Breathe and stay moving! Short, quick, and powerful hip thrusts to move that kettle bell
  4. 5 reps, then 10 reps then 9 reps with the 45s on the floor bridge press. Then did 25 reps single leg hip thrusts each side, BW only, since it will complement the bridge press. Went easy on the skaters just to give the press a head start. Alternating the above as a push day, with a pull day of rows, BW pullups, band pulls and curls. I like this split
  5. Complete leg and booty workout to shred and tone your lower body using NO machines! Perfect for beginners, working out at home or in a crowded gym.SHOP GYMSHARK: ♡ Merch: ♡ Facebook: ♡ Instagram: ♡ Snapchat: whitneyysimmons♡ Twitter: ——————————————————————————GYMSHARK LAUNCH & RESTOCKMAY 21, 20187PM BST | 2PM ET | 1PM CT | 12PM MT.
  6. ute jumprope 10 side lateral raise 10 reverse grip lateral raises from EX PHYS 100 at Lynchburg Colleg
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Klimmzüge OG Myo-Reps 14+3,3,3,2 Schrägbankdrücken KH Myo-Reps 30 x 15+4,4,4,4,2 Facepulls Myo-Reps 30 x 15+4,4,4,4,3 Supersatz Arme (Trizepsstrecken überkopf - Curls, auf der Schrägbank) KH 18x 8-8/8-8, 16x 9-10, 14x 12-1 A place to track your progress, or lack thereof. Moderator

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I'd do that with hip thrusts, lunges, cables, Set of 8-12 reps @9ish, rest 45 seconds, then 5-7 minute density block with the same load. In function, this hybrid is basically a myo-rep format...but I much prefer doing it this way than the usual myo scheme. Top. JlHorsley Registered Use That will give me less reps on activation set, but could still hopefully get 4 reps in the mini-sets. If not, then 45#s is right for now. Last week I used 165#s after incline and it was a bit too heavy. 150 The hip thrusts really work my lower abs and I try to hold them at the top for a second Lift weights doing exercises like squats and hip thrusts. I've had female clients lose inches from their waist while gaining inches around their glutes, dramatically changing the shape of their body for the better. Muscle is denser than fat, which means if you're body fat percentage is lower,.

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This works great with hip thrusts and supersetting them with back squats for the glutes. Also, the Romanian deadlift supersetted with reverse lunges is another good combo for this training strategy. Simply do the isolation movement for 15-20 reps and then move directly into the compound movement for 6-12 reps Glute bridges and hip thrusts (8-12 reps) What About if I'm Over 40? If you're over 40 and have been training for many years you might want to stick with an average of 8-10 reps per set. And when you are strong and advanced you can actually get great results by sprinkling in a few more sets of 15-20 reps Mesocycle 3: High Volume Hypertrophy techniques like occlusion training, Myo-reps, tri-sets, giant sets, etc. Mesocycle 4: Strength Phase (focus on the 4 to 6 rep range) Mesocycle 5: Repeat the process if you want to further mass gain, begin a cut if you want to drop body fat, or undergo a structural balance phase to minimize injury risk

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Myo turns 1 today! Cheers to another great year! Joe A. - 12 Rounds Regina - 12 Orlando Short, quick, and powerful hip thrusts to move that kettle bell. Danielle with a 165# PR: Jason G. front squatting 335# Congrats to all the front squat PR's! Carmen - 202 Reps 10kg. Rich V. - 246 Rx. Vanessa - 225 Rx. Ronak - 225 Rx. Maira - 102 Mod. deadball slams. deadball slams. Complete 12 reps. At-home alternative: squat to shoulder press using dumbbells. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and holding a medicine ball i What is a Myo Rep? Zillagreybeard, Mar 18, 2021. 18.03.2021. 2. 45. Zillagreybeard Mar 18, 2021 at 11:39 PM Tip: Much Better Than Hip Thrusts A study of female lifters compared the glute-gro... posted in thread: Much Better Than Hip Thrusts. Zillagreybeard, Mar 11, 2021. 11.03.2021. 0. 20

Exercises well suited for mechanical tension focused work could be hip thrusts, dumbbell/barbell curls, or cable chest flyes. However, mechanical tension is present in all exercises so you should be focusing on getting stronger through a full range of motion to maximize hypertrophy. A good rep range could be 5-15. _ 2. Hip thrusts when progressed from bodyweight with two legs to single leg hip thrusts have no equal when it comes to bodyweight glute exercises. 3. Side lying hip abductions are great for upper glutes and glute medius muscles. 4. Please google Bret Contreras for all things glute related

Har du letat under de övriga flikarna i menyn här ovan, men inte hittat vad du söker? Ta då en kik i listan nedan. Det här är en komplett förteckning över alla artiklar, program och övningsguider som har publicerats på Styrkelabbet Rep Ranges. Almost anyone For those of you who don't know what those mean, the prefix myo- refers to anything about muscle, and in this case: muscle fibers. Additionally the sarcoplasm is where the muscle stores it's quick, -= Barbell Glute/Hip Thrusts (laying down): 4 x 9-12, 60 sec res

Hey guys! Thought I'd start some threads to get some chatter goin! Am recovering from a few health issues at the moment, but when better I'd love to give HST a good run through Zoek alleen in titels Door: Zoek Geavanceerd zoeke

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  1. Chances are, you're reading this at a desk or on your phone. Your shoulders are hunched forward, aren't they? Your lower back is probably also curved opposite the way nature intended, and your.
  2. View and download Adam Marley ️Online Coach(@thefat2fitcoach) Instagram profile, posts, tagged, stories photos and videos without logi
  3. Movement is always key for me, but I'd say I cycle through all three from week to week, month to month, and year to year. For instance, this week, I'm home sick with really nasty cold, resulting from pushing myself way too hard at work over the last few months (but the first in years, thanks to a really good eating/nutrition strategy), so this week, movement is all I feel up to
  4. dset to stay on track with your life goals. From a health and fitness perspective, this is a great time to shift your focus away fro
  5. Many of those muscles you can't see in the mirror are known collectively as the posterior chain. The posterior chain runs from the back of your shoulders all the way down to your heels. The most notable members include your rear delts, traps, erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings, and calves—and while they all act independently to flex, extend, or rotate different joints or vertebrae.
  6. Best Back Exercises __ Tag someone trying to build a bigger back! __ If you're wanting to build a big, strong back check out these movements __ Side Delt: Lateral Raises Rear Delt: Banded Face..
  7. Hip hinge/deadlifts can be done one to two times for the same sets and reps. Lateral glute work should be done for high reps to finish off your leg workouts—2 to 3 sets of 20 to 30 reps. Do hip thrusts twice a week, he says, one day for lower reps, like five, and one day for high reps, like 20

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  1. Aug 25, 2019 - 140k hip thrusts for reps! Happy as with my last sess! (before flying out, on a 'missions trips'! Can not wait to serve the beautiful people of Fiji !) PLEASE NOTE: *** KFS will be closed for 2 weeks - reopens on September 15th - due to the missions trip! See you in 2 week - train hard ! *** #fitness%
  2. Hip-thrusts: 3-5 set x 10-15 reps. Ligg med bröstryggen mot en bänk och fötterna i golvet. Spänn bål, rygg och rumpa och sträva efter att lyfta höften så högt mot taket som möjligt med hjälp av gluteus
  3. For some people, heavy hip thrusts are the hardest variation. For others, high rep-hip banded hip thrusts are hardest. Personally, the Dumbbell + Hip Banded + Pause Rep hip thrusts are the biggest bang for my buck. With that said, I perform all variations of hip thrusts and at various rep ranges and tempos
  4. Hip thrusts are a hip hinging exercise, similar to a glute bridge but with your back raised off the floor. This gives your body a larger range of motion, meaning that the glutes are under tension.
  5. Using the constant tension repetition style on the hip thrusts will have your glutes more pumped up than my hometown Philadelphia fans after Super Bowl LII. To perform constant tension reps on the hip thrust you will: Perform a regular rep of the hip thrust. On the lowering phase bring the barbell down until the plates are right above the floor
  6. HIP DOMINANT EXERCISES Notes: Hip Thrusts & Glute Bridges Ŕ Glute Bridge (Bodyweight) Ŕ Marching Glute Bridge (Bodyweight) Ŕ 1.5 Reps Ŕ Pause-Go, Go-Pause Rest-Pause Ŕ Tempo Drop Set Heel Elevation Band Most of the exercises using kettlebells can be carried out using dumbbell

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3. One Legged Hip Thrust. After you have mastered the normal hip thrusts we have this variation. This one is good for athletes that need to make fast turns, to fix imbalances or as a progression if you have started to stall out on the basic hip thrusts. The setup is the same as the standard hip thrust Hip Thrusts x 5 @ 20X2 185#, 205, 225, 235, 255 Band Resisted Face Pulls x 15 @ 21X1. B. AMRAP 10 min (4 Rounds + 34 Reps) 30 DU 10 Alt DB Snatch + 2 Alt Rev Lunges @ 35# ***This felt super slow and awkward todaybut it ties my best score on this from 2 years ago Hip thrusts isolate glutes without hamstrings. There was just a study about this and yes squats are more quad dominant but still work glutes better than hip thrusts. It's not surprising considering there's bigger range of motion when squatting Barbell Hip Thrusts: 3 sets, 5-10 reps. Barbell Single-Leg Hip Thrusts: 5 sets, 10-20 reps. Barbell Walking Lunges: 4 sets, 20-30 reps. Sumo Deficit Deadlifts: 3 sets, 5-10 reps . Sumo Squats: 3 sets, 10-20 reps. x. x. x. A study published in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics followed thirteen trained women performing 10-rep maximum-weight back squats and barbell hip thrusts. They found that the hip thrust caused significantly greater (172 percent vs. 89 percent) peak upper glute and peak lower glute (216 percent vs 130 percent) EMG activity than the back squat

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  1. utes to do at least 2 variations of hip thrust exercises. Make sure you do 3 reps of each variation. Take a few seconds rest between each rep and set. Which Muscles Does The Hip Thrust Exercise Target? The hip thrust exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and lower back muscles
  2. Hip thrusts will help improve other movements like squats and deadlifts. controlled movement with a high number of reps. Also, if placing the dumbbell on your hip bones is too uncomfortable, consider placing a small folded gym mat or towel underneath the dumbbell to relieve the discomfort
  3. Even if your priority is health-based, not aesthetics, you will still find that the hip thrusts force the glutes to respond and increase in size. 6) Hip Thrusts Aren't Everything While the hip thrust is clearly a superb developer of the glute muscles, for optimal development there are a number of accessory exercises that are worthwhile incorporating into your training

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Daily WOD Teresa Briest January 13, 2020 hip thrusts, posted single leg RDLs, wreck bag rows, wreck bag cleans, wreck bag back squats, wreck bag step ups, max reps lateral hops over bag 12.16.19 WO Hip thrusts are to glute gains what the plank position is to core strength: essential. And Glute Guy Bret Contreras, Ph.D., C.S.C.S.*Ds, author of Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength. - If you aren't strong enough to perform hip thrusts with a 45 pound plate on each side, there likely won't be enough space for you to roll the bar into your hips. In that case, you can either use a training partner to help you place the bar there, or you can lift the bar up off the ground and get into a seated position on the bench, lowering yourself down from there

Model and actress Kate Upton just did 12 hip thrust reps at a weight of 205 pounds, setting a new personal record and demonstrating good form on the exercise Hip Thrusts: 2 sets x 20 reps; Hip Thrust Hold: 2 sets x 20 seconds; Workout Notes. With this routine, you'll be training three days per week, with an emphasis on becoming stronger and building your booty. The other days in the week are rest days. On your rest days, you're most certainly welcome to be active Hip thrusts (double leg fashion) 4x15 reps superset DB lateral raises (4 sets, 20,16,12,10 reps increasing each set) Walking Lunges, holding weights or bar on back 4 sets of 15 each leg and then perform 15 squats before putting the weight down. Cable glute kickbacks or glute kick back machine (4x15 each leg Hip Thrusts Develop Sprinting Power. Researchers hypothesized that barbell hip thrusts would be better than squats for improving horizontal force production, thereby enhancing performance in athletic movements requiring a horizontal force vector, such as horizontal jumping and sprinting.. According to the study's first author, Bret Contreras, squats poorly activate the hamstrings and do not.

Hip thrusts can be good as a warm-up/activation exercise, or as a finisher exerciser for your glutes after a few sets of squats. Exactly this:bigsmile: I worked up to 405 on the hip thrust for 6 reps and believe me... it works! Love your blog btw Hip thrusts look, well let's be If you're doing this with bodyweight alone, I recommend sets of 20 reps. If you're using a weight, once you're confident, aim for five to six reps per set Good luck doing it without the help of the hips. As you can see, the hips are, arguably, the most important body part for efficient Jiu-Jitsu. However, that doesn't mean that only doing deadlifts and hip thrusts is enough to turn you into a great grappler. Nope, you also need kettlebell swings. And you need BJJ hip mobility training and lots. I think everyone should do hip thrusts. However, the barbell hip thrust is an advanced progression, says Lambert. Beginners should start with bodyweight hip thrusts and master the basics first, such as hip mechanics, foot placement, and feeling the connection between the movement and the glutes 2019-jun-28 - 1,030 Likes, 17 Comments - FITNESS • FASHION • LIFESTYLE (@taylorkayteee) on Instagram: •15 reps lunges on each leg •15 reps hip thrusts (these can be done single legged) •15 reps sqaut

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Kelly and I started working together in my online coaching program about 6-months ago and she's completely re-shaped her glutes, burned a ton of fat off her frame, and dramatically increased her strength.. We've used a bunch of strategies to help her along the way, but the single-leg hip thrust (plus all of its variations) has been a staple in her training programs and a major contributor. Kelsey Wells is one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry. Working with the likes of Kayla Itsines, she's built a fitness empire with her workout videos, pictures, and awesome quotes.. However, Kayla wasn't always a fan of exercising

Namjoon's sexy hip thrusts #1 - YouTubeEccentric Single Leg Hip Thrust - YouTubeThe Single-Leg Hip Thrust: 3 Critical Mistakes You NeverDouble Banded Hip Thrust in Rack - YouTubeHow To Do a Band Hip Thrust - YouTubeExercise Index: Hip-Thrust with Dumbbell - YouTube

My New Tools for Max Glute Growth: MyoReps, Constant

The muscle of the soul - the Psoas! Read this in-depth article to learn the importance of the psoas muscle, how to find your psoas, how to test if your psoas is tight or weak, and how to stretch and strengthen your psoas. Psoas muscle exercises and tutorials included - 13 strengthening and 6 stretching exercises Train every hip movement: focusing on getting stronger at squats and deadlifts, but also do plenty of hip thrusts, glute bridges, and other glute isolation lifts. Work on expanding your range of motion: the deeper you can sink into your squats and deadlifts, the more of a stretch you'll get on your glutes, and the more muscle you'll build Like Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, and glute bridges, kettlebell swings are a hip-hinging exercise. Thus, making it a movement that requires your glutes. Kettlebell swings are traditionally done at higher rep ranges (about 15-30 is what I recommend) which targets the slow-twitch fibers in your glutes

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Glute Bridges and Hip Thrusts are not the only exercises that work the hip extension but they work the posterior muscles safely and effectively, without weights. Deadlifts and Kettlebell Swings also work hip extension but from a vertical position so if you're really looking to get strong then you may want to put some weight on a bar and pick it up from time to time Hip thrusts are versatile and can be done weighted or unweighted. They can be done on the floor, with just one leg, or using a bench to support the upper or lower body. Once you're ready to progress from glute bridges, try out the unweighted hip thrust

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As you reach the top of your rep, hold the position for 1 count to keep your glutes activated. Be careful not to lift or arch your lower back while you're performing hip thrusts since you won't work your muscles as efficiently Hip thrusts are still easy enough for a beginner to perform, but harder than the hip thrust from the floor because elevating your shoulders gives you a larger range of motion. Doing hip thrusts with bodyweight alone also gets you pre-conditioned for doing barbell hip thrusts later, if you choose Once you're able to effectively fire the glutes, keep things light on your barbell hip thrusts. You probably don't need to exceed one plate on each side. Add a significant pause at the top of each rep and slow the eccentric (negative) down too. Do 10-12 reps per set The barbell glute bridge is an effective exercise to warm up, tone, and strengthen your gluteal muscles and core. Learn how to do it and the many benefits it provides

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